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How to Root Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Easily?

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If you are looking for the methods about how to root galaxy s6 or galaxy s6 edge with safe way. You’ve come to the right place. As we all know, there are so many rooting tools on market, but most of them are not easy to handle, that is to say, it is not a good choice for someone who don’t have much knowledge about technical. If you want a easy-to-use and safe program to root your galaxy s6, then Samsung Root is what you should choose.

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Samsung Root(Android Root) allows you to root your Samsung devices with simple steps and ensure your device will be well protected during the whole rooting process. No need to worry about the safety issue of data and device. What’s more, we provide the free trail version for you to have a try before buying the paid version.

download win for samsung root   download mac for samsung root

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 with Simple Process
Frequency Asked Questions

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 with Simple Process

1.Download and Install Samsung Root Program

Click to download and install the software, after finishing, double click it to launch, you will get a primary interface as below. Choose the Root option and go on.

galaxy s6 root tool

2.USB Cable to Connect your Samsung S6 to PC

Use suitable USB cable to connect your Samsung galaxy s6 to the computer, once connect successfully, the Rooting tool will recognize your Android by automatic.

usb enable to samsung device

Click “Start” to continue and your device will be detected by Android Root.
start rooting galaxy s6

3. Start Rooting Your Galaxy S6

After your device is completely identified by Samsung Root, it is ready to root. Just Click on “Root Now” to start the process.
It will take some time to finish the whole rooting process, please be patient and wait for a few minutes until your device will be successfully rooted.

samsung s6 root program

Well down! In this step, you have just successfully rooted your Galaxy device. Now that you know how to root samsung galaxy s6. 

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Frequency Asked Questions

What is Rooting?
Rooting is the process to gain superuser permissions on various phone system. It is the Android equivalent of jailbreaking.

What you can do after Rooting?
The device can obtain higher privileges after rooting, so you can customize the operating system, uninstall unwanted pre-installed apps, access blocked features, etc.

Does Android Root void my device's warranty?
It depends on different phone manufacturer's warranty policy. But most of them will void.

What is the success rate of Android Root?
Currently Android Root supports more than 7000 Android devices running different operating system. Android Root will quickly support more new Android devices once they are released.


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