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How to Root Android on Mac or on PC?

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Rooting is a very popular topic among all of Android issue. Since it is an activity to help people to get more access to their handsets. With rooting, they are able to unlock kinds of OS to the device and download some wonderful apps which can’t be downloaded before rooting. So people are fond of rooting their phone. However, some of them need to do the rooting on Mac, other need to root on PC. How can they find the suitable tutorial? In this post, we will show you how to root Android on Mac and root Android on PC.

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How to Root Android via TunesGo Root on Mac?
How to Root Android with Android Root Tool on PC?

How to Root Android via TunesGo Root on Mac?

Well, TunesGo root allows you to get your Android rooted on Mac. It is a very powerful tool, you can have a try.

Step 1 It is needed that installation of TunesGo on your PC, just launch it and then connect the Android device to the computer via a USB cable. You will see a similar window as below if The if it is connected successfully.
root android phone with mac

Step 2 Focus on the top menu on the primary window of this rooting software. From there, click the  “Toolbox” tab. Three main sections will be displayed under the “Toolbox” option. Go to the “Other Tools” section and from the two subsections that will be shown, choose ”One-click Root” to gain full control of your Android device.
root android device from mac

Step 3 A warning message will be shown and saying that after rooting you will gain full access to your phone system and that rooting may affect your device warranty. Just click “Root” from that warning box to continue rooting the Smartphone.
tunesgo root for mac

Step 4 In this step, please be patient and wait for the TunesGo gets root access to your Android phone with Mac. It is not allowed to disconnect your device during the rooting process. The phone may restart during the root process, but you should not operate it. Once the root process is finished, you will receive a success message, and you can have full access to your phone’s system.

Following the above simple easy steps you can easily root Android from Mac in a few minutes.

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How to Root Android with Android Root Tool on PC?

To root Android on PC, it is recommended to use Android Root, which is a best choice for you when root on PC. Come and see how it works.

Step 1: Download Android Root on your PC and launch it

After Dr. Fone is launched, in the primary window, click on “Root” item to move on.

One click root for mac

Step 2: Connect your Android device to PC

Connect the android device to the computer using an USB cable. It is important to check whether USB debugging mode is enabled. Enable USB debugging by going to “Developer Options” and if it is already enabled, Dr. Fone will automatically recognize and connect the device.
how to root android

Once your device is connected to the computer, dr.fone will detect the android device automatically and find a solution to root your device. Now click on the start button to continue.

Step 3: Rooting your Android Device via PC
After Dr. Fone has detected the device, the android device will be ready for rooting. Click on “Root Now” button to root your Android device with just one click.
Root android on mac 2017

During this process of rooting, the android device will give a pop up message to confirm whether you would like proceed with the process of rooting. Click on confirm and it’s done. The tool will take few minutes before it completes the process of rooting.


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