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How to Root Galaxy Note 5 with Android Root?

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How to root galaxy note 5? You might carry this question and come to here. And I have to say that you find the right place. Because in this post, we will tell you the tutorial to root Samsung galaxy note 5 with the best root tool-Android Root. 

Since you find us, I think you have known about what is rooting and what advantages you will get after rooting. If not really, no worry, we will say it again. That is, rooting is a process for you to gain more permission to your Phone, you can regard it as jailbreaking. After rooting your Android phone, you will have right to pre-installed apps, get a better battery speed and longer life, change android skin, download more apps from difference source and more.

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Every coin has two sides. It also take risk to root galaxy note 5, I’d like to note you that rooting mainly take the risks as below, please think again before you do. 

Void Phone’s Warranty: Except for a few Android phones, most of the phone manufacturers will void your warranty once you got root on your device.

Risk of data Loss: If the rooting process stop unexpected during the progress, then you Note 5 data might be lost. But this hassle is easy to deal with, you can do a backup to your Android phone before starting the rooting.

Exposure to security risks: This occurs mainly because you might download apps from source without security. It might get exposed to virus.

If you have considered the risks and really want to go on, then to find a good root tool is the most important thing. I recommend you Android Root, which is entire security when compare to other root tools on the market. With it, after well connected, you just need one click to root Samsung note 5.

Steps to Root Samsung Note 5 with Android Root

1. Download and Launch Android Root
2. Connect Galaxy Note 5 to PC for Rooting
3. One Click to Root Galaxy Note 5

1. Download and Launch Android Root

To root galaxy note 5 verizon, the first thing is to download and install Android Root from, then launch it. You will get the following welcome screen. Out of all the options, select the feature of “Root” to commence.
tool for rooting note 5

2. Connect Galaxy Note 5 to PC for Rooting

Choose a suitable USB cable to connect your Note 5 to PC. Once get the phone connected, you would get a pop-up window on your screen regarding the USB Debugging permission. Simply tap on the “OK” option to allow it.
connect samsung to pc

Android Root detect your phone by itself.  Wait for the interface make the device ready for the rooting process. It will show the progress on the screen as well. Make sure that you don’t disconnect your device during the process.
detect galaxy device

3. One Click to Root Galaxy Note 5

After detecting your device successfully, the interface will let you know that it is ready to commence the rooting process. Simply click on the “Root now” button to proceed.
begin root galaxy note 5

If the rooting process start, you will get a messages on your phone for asking you to confirm. Just agree to it on you Samsung note 5. It will take some time to finish, you can put your phone aside and wait for its done automatically. Once done, you will get the notification as below.

finish rooting

Click the icons and you can free download the trail version of Android Root to have a try, here we go!

win version of android root  mac version of android root

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