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LG One Click Root: How to Root LG G3 Safely 2017

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Are you looking for the good methods to root your LG G3? This post will show you best solution to do LG one click root. Make rooting process simple and happy.

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Prepare for rooting:

Backup Data: Please backup the precious files of your G3 before rooting if you dont want to take risks of data loss.

Sufficient charge: The battery on your phone must be charged to at least 70%.

Know the Risks: Besides knowing the advantages of rooting,you also need to know what risks may take when doing rooting. Such as, void the warranty, data loss(this can be avoid if you backup the phone) etc. Make sure that you can bear them in case of happening.

Enable USB Debugging mode: If you don't know how to, just follow this post: how to enable USB debugging.

Solution 1: Steps to Root LG G3 with One Click Android Root

Android Root can help you to root LG G3 with a single click safely. Just need several simple steps.

Come and have a try the free trail of this rooting software.

download win download mac

1.First, have the one click rooting software downloaded and installed in the computer and then launch it by double click. You will get the interface as below.
Lg g3 root

2.Connect you phone to PC via a proper USB, if need to do the USB debugging, then do it. After the well connected, then software will detect your G3 phone automatically.
Root lg g3

3.Once the detection is done, it it ready to root your LG G3 phone, if you click the “Root Now” button, you will have the LG G3 phone root successfully. 
Lg g3 one click root

It will take several minutes to root your phone, please be patient during this process and do not disconnect your phone. You will then get the confirmation as window below to tell you that  rooting process have done. Then you can enjoy your phone after rooting.

Solution 2: Steps to Root LG G3 with LG One-Click Root Script

Step 1: Download LG One click Root script(v1.3).

Step 2: Extract/ Unzip the downloaded Root Script v1.3 file and install it on your PC

Step 3: Connect your LG device to your PC with USB data cable and confirm that your device is detected.
Step 4: Browse to the installed LG ROOT SCRIPT folder and Run the tool.
Step 5: Click on the start button and follow the on-screen instructions till the process finished.
 One click root lg g3 marshmallow

 If this version v1.3 does,t work properly on your device, then execute the Root Script v1.2
Double click and Run “LG Root Script.bat” on LG Root Script v1.2 folder

Lg g3 root lollipop

Step 6: Follow the on-screen instructions till the process finished.

Things You Can Do after Rooting LG G3  

Getting root of LG phone just like being released from trammel. You can really do many cool things to control your device. Let’s see some:

Install ClockwordMOD, this will alter your stock Android recovery console. After install it, you can install new custom ROMs to renew your LG G3 look and feel easily. ClockwordMOD is very popular among G3 users. Actually, you can also choose other custom ROMs which cater to it.

Last battery life, install the apps like Juice Defender or Greenify can help the battery last longer. Most of time, to last battery life is to last the phone life. 

Uninstall pre-installed apps like LG Smart World, LG Email,LG Music and more. Which you can deleted on an unrooted device. You can speed up your phone by removing these.

Note: Rooting takes risks, please be cautious before doing. If did need to do it, better to choose a easy and safe way.


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