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How to Root Nexus 5 Safely with One Click?

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If you want to root nexus 5 with safe and easy way, we have good methods for you in this post. As we all know, rooting can let users gain further experience out of the box on their Android phone, like downloading more advanced apps, installing new builds of Android, modifying the UI and more. However, it is not as easy as you think if you choose the wrong method, and the risks  may also come with the rooting process. We gotta to be serious when starting this action.

For Google nexus 5, it provides the most straightforward rooting experience of other model Android devices. Google seems that it won’t do anything to stop you from rooting nexus 5, however, you still need to go over some hassles, here’s how.

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Solution 1: Root Nexus 5 by CF-Auto-Root
Solution 2: Steps to Root Nexus 5 with One Click

Solution 1: Root Nexus 5 by CF-Auto-Root 

1)Download CF-Auto-Root files from Chainfire to your PC, after downloading, you can see all the files for rooting your device as below.

files for rooting

2)Connect Nexus 5 to PC via a befitting USB cable>Boot Nexus 5 device into bootloader by turn off>Hold volume up&down& at the same time> Click on the script file from CF-Auto-Root directory which matches your desktop OS. Then waiting for the finish.
The advantage of this method is very easy to handle. But the disadvantage is you know nothing if something when wrong. 

If you just want a safe and easy way to gain root access, and you don’t care about the process, you can see the one-click tutorial as below. Then you can try Android Root software, this program allows you to root your Nexus 5 with 100% safe and secure.

Solution 2: Steps to Root Nexus 5 with One Click

1: Download and Install the Android Root for Nexus 5

You can try the free trail version before buying the full version.
android root for win  android root for mac

Download Android Root(Toolkit for Android)on your computer( mac or win version). Then start this root software for android. After launching, choose “More Tools” on the left column to start. And choose the Root option in the interface to move on.
android root software

2: Connect nexus 5 to the computer

To root a nexus 5, it is necessary to connect it to the computer using a befitting USB cable. Check your if your phone do the USB debugging, if not, do it. You can enable USB debugging by going to “Developer Options” and if it is already done, Android Root will automatically recognize and connect the device.
connect nexus 5 to pc

Once your Google nexus 5 is connected to PC, Android rooting tool will detect the it automatically, and give you a best solution to root your device. For Now you can click on the start button to continue.

Step 3: Start to Root Nexus 5

After the detection is well down, it is time to root your Nexus 5 device. What you should do is to click on “ Root Now” button to start the rooting process.
root nexus 5

It will take a while to finish the nexus 5 rooting process, please be patient to wait for the confirm message to tell you it is done. When get the pop-up message, click on confirm and it’s done. 

root confirm

See, the methods are very easy and save time. Hope that you can know how to root Nexus 5 from the post above.

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