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How to Root Note 7 with or without PC?

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Even compared to S7, Samsung galaxy note 7 contain more awesome features, like renewed S-Pen, 64GB inbuilt phone memory, setting as on-the-go entertainment device ect.. Many note 7 users want to enjoy the full features by rooting, if you are one of them, let’s keep reading.

If you want to root note 7 easily and fast? You have come to the right place. Here we will show you two fast and reliable solution to help you do note 7 root. One is root galaxy note 7 without PC, the other is rooting it without PC. Both of them are safe and easy to handle. You can choose the one you like.

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What You Should Know before Rooting Galaxy Note 7?
Solution 1: Root Galaxy Note 7 without PC
Solution 2: Root Samsung Note 7 with PC

What You Should Know before Rooting Galaxy Note 7?

1.Void the warranty: You galaxy note 7 phone’s warranty may be void. If you are not sure weather it will, contact your mobile provider to make it clear. 

2.Risk of brick: This seems to frighten many people for moving on to root. Well, actually it is hard to brick a Samsung device, what’s more physical damage warranties should be exempt from Knox triggering. And for protect the data, you can backup our phone data.

3. Boot image has dm-verity: It will prevent you from booting if you swipe to enable system modifications!

4. For preparing root of note 7: galaxy note 7 is charged up to 70%, connect to a active internet, 

OK, let’s start the tutorial for now.

Solution 1: Root Galaxy Note 7 without PC

Prepared: Samsung galaxy Note 7, enough time to finish the whole process, active internet to connect your Note 7, enough Storage space to install Superuser 

Step by step to root:

1. Download the Kingroot app and install it on to your Samsung Note 7.
2.turn on the wifi or data connection 
3.Open the app and click on Try root
4. Be patient and wait for the process to complete
Note: Your phone may reboot sometimes but no need to worry 
5.Once the process is complete turn of the app
7. To check if your note 7 is rooted, you can download the root checker app from play store for checking.
root note 7 without pc

If you want to root Android phone with single click, then Android Root is a reliable tool for you to achieve this. What you need to prepare are your note 7, a PC, Android Root software. This method is much more safe and highly succeed rate.

Solution 2: Root Samsung Note 7 with PC   

Step 1: Download Android Root on your PC and launch it. After that, click “ More Tools” on the left to find the Android Root function from interface shown.
how to root note 7

Step 2: Connect your Note 7 device to PC via USB cable. It is critical to check whether USB debugging mode is enabled. Enable USB debugging by going to “Developer Options” and if it is already enabled, Android Root will automatically recognize and connect the device.

root note 7 version
If your device is well connected to the computer, then the software will detect it by itself. And the good solution to root your device. For now, click the Start to continue.

Step 3: After software has detected Samsung note 7, it is time to root note 7. Just click on “Root Now” button to root your Android device with just one click.
During the rooting process, you will get a a pop up message on note 7 to confirm if you would like proceed with the process of rooting. If so, click on confirm and the Samsung note 7 root process is done. The rooting tool will take few minutes before it finish the process of rooting Samsung device.

galaxy note 7 root

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