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Why Can’t I Root My Android Phone and How to Fix it?

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Why can’t I root my phone? I need to unlock my Android phone for install more awesome Apps, but it fail to root even though I try several rooting software, like kingroot, kingo root and iroot. What’s the reason of failure and how can I fix/avoid it again? Please help me, thanks in advance”

We found a thread above, and want to give some solution in this post to solve “i cant root my phone” issue. Hope the people who see this post will get the help from here.

Part 1: Why My Phone Is Not Rooting?
Part 2: Recommended Solutions to Avoid Fail Rooting

Part 1: Why My Phone Is Not Rooting?

Difference phone model and rooting tool cause difference reasons for failure rooting. Here, I will show the general and likely five of them. You can check the reasons as below and see which one matches yours and find a way to avoid it. Let’s go!

1.The Phone Driver
Most of the time, disconnect is the reason for fail rooting, before rooting, please check your phone driver, install one or update it to a new one till connection successfully.

2. The Root Package 
Most Android devices support OTA or ICS upgrade, you can copy OTA and ICS to the SD card and upgrade them. You can root your Android by means of flashing your phone.

3. The Version of the Rooting System doesn’t matches to Your Phone Model
If you root your phone manually, it is likely to download the inappropriate version of root tool which will not match your phone model, this also will cause fail rooting.

4. The Recovery Mode
Some rooting tools require you to flash your phone under recovery mode, if you fail after trying for many times, you can enter the recovery mode before rooting. Press the "Volume -" and the "Power" button simultaneously for a while, you can enter the Recovery Mode. 

5. The PC System
If you root with PC, you also need to consider the PC system when rooting. Because some rooting software work when flashing the phone under Windows XP mode. For example, users of Win 7 or Win 8 need to set their PC to the "XP compatible mode".

Part 2: Recommended Solutions to Avoid Fail Rooting 

In all, if want to root your phone successfully and safely, the most important thing is choosing an proper rooting software. In these post, we will introduce two highly success rate rooting tool for you to root Android. Both of them are the tool rooting with computer. As we know that rooting without computer is very convenient, but it probably to cause the fail rooting.

Item 1 Use Android Root to Have Phone Rooted Successfully

Android Root is a reliable rooting software, with it, you just need a few simple steps and your phone will be rooted successfully. It supports most of Android devices which runs Android 2.1.X or higher, like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony and so on. This program is well designed for the person who know little knowledge about rooting process, and want to safely rooted. Also for those who want to find a time-saving method.

Click the icons as below to download the free version and see if your device is supported. 
download win android root

(Note: this tool only can be use on PC, not mac, if want the mac version, keep reading, we will show as below)

Rooting tutorial please check: How to Root My Galaxy S5?(If your phone is not S5, doesn’t matter, the steps are same to root S5)
root failed no strategy now

Item 2  Root Android Phone with TunesGo Root

TunesGo Root is also a powerful to have your Android phone root with just one click. The difference from Android Root, is that, it can also root with Mac. Come and see how it works.

Download the free trail version and see:

win tunesgomac tunesgo

Find the rooting tutorial from this post:  How to Root Android 6.0.1

how can i root my phone

OK, after reading the content above, I hope you have solve your issues about “Why can’t I root phone” and “How to fix failed root android”, and have a nice time with your rooted phone.

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