Easy way to Backup Photos on Android

some Android users complain that they may delete some precious photos in their Android devices by accident. So they ask us how to restore deleted photos from Android. Nevertheless, it is better to take precaution than ask people for a resolution, isn't itIn this post, you will learn how to backup Android Photos with Google Drive, OneDrive and Moborobo. 

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Solution 1: Backup Photos with Google Drive
Solution 2: Backup Photos with oneDrive

Solution 1: Backup Photos with Google Drive

Step 1. Upload Photos to Google Drive

Sign into Google Drive on your Android phone. Then tap the plus icon and choose "Upload". In the pop-up, you can select to open files from Images or Gallery. After that, highlight photos which you want to transfer or backup to Google Drive.

google drive

Note: If you want to backup photos to cloud, namely the Google Drive, process is completed. However, we suggest you download them from cloud to your computer because it is safer. Step 2 will show you how to download your files.

Step 2. Download and Backup Photos to PC

Sign into Google Drive on your computer. Then click the menu button (the three-dot icon) and click "Download". This will download pictures to your computer.

download photos

Solution 2: Backup Photos with oneDrive

Step 1. Upload Photos from Android to OneDrive

For a start, sign into OneDrive with a Microsoft account. Then tap the plus icon and select "Upload". After that, choose to open files from Images/Gallery. Then you can mark items you want to backup.

Step 2. Download Photos from OneDrive to PC

Go to your computer. Then sign into OneDrive. After that, select "Photos" > "Download". After that, right click the items you want and select "Download".

Download and install Moborobo on you phone and connect the Android phone to PC with the USB cable. Open Moborobo, choose "ToolBox". From the options listed below,  click "Backup" . Tick "Image" in the interface and choose "Quick backup" to backup photos on your Android phone to PC. And also you can use Moborobo to transfer photos from Android phone to PC.

backup android images

Additionally, you can create a backup by exporting photos from Android to PC with so many methods. After checking the above tips for backup photos, and you still need to know how to backup SMS on Android, click to it know.

Actually, android data recovery program is also able to help you to do backup. Now come and have a try with above tips. We hope that your precious data will not lose. 

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