Note 4 Backup & Restore: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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“I got a new phone and I am about to wiping out my note 4. Before this, I don’t want to take much time on this item, so I need an easiest method to backup and restore my note 4 data. Anyone an help me?”

Actually, there are many conditions lead people to backup Samsung phone, like changing a new phone, factory reset to the phone or something else. The point is to find out a good backup method to move on the process.

For Samsung galaxy note 4, we have talked about how to root note 4, today, let’s study the question about how to backup note 4. You will get 3 solutions if you keep reading.

Part 1. Backup Note 4 Files to PC/Mac with Android Backup& Restore
Part 2. Move Note 4 Data via Android Manager
Part 3. Transfer Samsung Note 4 Files via Phone Transfer

Part 1. Backup Note 4 Files to PC/Mac with Android Backup& Restore

Android Data Backup & Restore is an awesome tool for you to backup Android data to PC, and also help to restore files from PC to phone. The backup files including, contacts, messages, call history, Gallary, video, Apps and more. Supports 8000+ Android devices. Now, let’s get to know the steps.

download backup software  

Step 1. Connect Your Note 4 to PC

Finish the download and installation. Launch dr.fone toolkit for Android on your computer. Choose Data Backup & Restore option.
After that, using a proper USB cable to connect your Samsung galaxy note 4 to PC. In this process, please note that you should enable the USB debugging for well connecting. 
how to backup galaxy note 4

Step 2. Select file types to back up

After well connected, it is time to select files types you want to backup. Android Data Backup & Restore will choose all the types by default, if you don’t want some data, just uncheck it. Then tap “Backup” to start the process.
how to backup samsung note 4

Note: This process will take your a few minutes, please do not disconnect your Note 4 phone. Also don't use the phone or delete any data on the phone during the backup process.

Once the backup is well done, you can click “View the backup button” to see the backup files.

view the backup button

Restore backup to your Android phone

If you want to restore the backup files to your new phone, then this Samsung backup tool also can help you. Follow the steps below to move on.

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Note 4 to Computer

Double click to launch dr.fone toolkit for Android on PC, and select Data Backup & Restore. Connect your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable.

restore from backup

Step 2. Choose the backup files Types to Restore

Click the “Restore” button, and you will get the display files from the latest backup by default on this program. Want to view all backup files, just click on the dropdown icon.

restore note 4 files

Step 3. Preview and Restore the backup file to Galaxy Note 4

Here you can preview each file in the backup. Check the files you need and click on Restore to them to your Android phone.

It will takes only a few minutes to finish the whole backup and restore process. It is very fast and safe to use this software. Maybe you can have a try if you want to move large files urgent.

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Part 2. Move Galaxy Note 4 Data via Android Manager

Android Manager also allows you to backup note 4 with simple steps. You can also try the free trail for free.
note 4 backup tool  galaxy note 4 copy

Step 1 Link Note 4 to Your Computer

Firstly, download and install the program to your PC, and then link your Samsung phone to PC with suitable USB cable. You will see the interface as below if the connection is OK.

android manager

Step 2 Back Up Samsung Note 4 Data to Computer

Once connecting, Android Manger will scan the files on your phone automatically. You can also 
preview the data by selecting the items displayed in the left column. Choose and check the items that you want to back up and click the "Export" button. Then the backup process starts, it will take about a few minutes to finish, please be patient.

samsung backup

Part 3. Transfer Samsung Note 4 Files via Phone Transfer

With Phone Transfer, you can not only transfer the data from phone to PC, but also transfer files from phone to phone.

download win samsung backup for mac

Step 1 Connect Galaxy Note 4 to PC

Double click to launch the installed Phone Transfer on your PC. And connect the note 4 phone by using an USB cable. When well connected, you will get the primary interface as below, you should choose the “Backup Up Your Phone” to move on.
copy note 4 to pc

Step 2 Copying Samsung Note 4 Files to Computer

Choose the files types you want to backup in the middle column before hitting the “Start Copy” button to start the backup process. Normally, it will take a while, please don’t disconnect the link until the backup finish.
 note 4 backup

We have shown you three solutions to the question how to backup galaxy note 4, which method do you prefer to? If you are not sure, you can download and install the free trail version to have a try first. Hope that what we post will solve your phone issues indeed!

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