LG Backup: How to Backup LG Phone Easily and Safely?

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If you want to do LG backup before factory reset or update OS on your phone, or something else reason, you have come to the right place. Here, we will show you 3 excellence methods to backup LG phone easily and safely. You can use it o backup most of the Android phone, like backup LG G3, LG G4 and so on.

Solution 1: Copy LG Data to PC via Android Manager
Solution 2: Transfer Files from LG with Android Backup & Restore
Solution 3: LG Backup and Restore through Pone Transfer

Solution 1: Copy LG Data to PC via Android Manager

To backup LG phone, such as LG G4 backup, you can use the awesome Android backup tool-Android Manager, this tool will help you to backup phone data from LG to PC, and you are able to preview the backup files on the PC if needed. Now, let’s start to learn how to.

Free trail version is provided!
download win lg backup software

Step 1. Connect LG Device to Computer

Once you have finished the installation of this LG backup software to PC, double click to launch it and then connect your phone to PC. When you have entered the primary interface of the this program, choose "Android" option and you will be asked to connect phone to PC via USB cable. Enable USB debugging when you phone hasn’t done this before.
Lg backup and restore

Step 2. Choose Files to Export

You need to choose the files types before start copying the data. For example, you choose the photos here, and then press "Export > Export to My Computer" so as to back up the photos.
Lg backup app

Solution 2: Transfer Files from LG with Android Backup & Restore

For Android Backup & Restore tool, it is also a very good choice in the tutorial. It's a multifunctional toolkit for Android phones. And one of the feature is copying data. 

Also try the free trail version first:

lg g3 backup tool for winlg g3 backup tool for mac

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging on LG Phone

It is critical to enable USB debugging on your phone at first. If you have do this before, you ca follow the tutorial which mentioned on the solution 1.
To do this, connect the phone with the PC and the instruction will be shown on the screen. After this, go to "More Tools" by pressing on the blue bar.
Backup lg g3 to pc

Step 2. Backup LG Files to PC

After entering the "Android Data Backup & Restore" , you also need to choose the files types which need to be backup. All the files types will be chosen all by default. If you don’t want some, just uncheck the box next to the files types. Finish the selection, you can click “Backup” button to start the process. 
Lg backup software

Solution 3: LG Backup and Restore through Pone Transfer

Phone Transfer not only allows you to back up files on PC, but also backup to another phone. For example, how to transfer data from Android to Android.

lg backup software for winlg backup software for mac

Step 1. Download and Launch the Phone Transfer

After finishing the installation of Phone Transfer, it is time to run it. Double click it on PC. You will see the below interface, then choose "Back Up Your Phone" option to move on.
android backup

Step 2. Backup Files from LG Optimus to PC

Tick item of files types in the middle column to choose the files you need to backup, then, press "Start Copy".
how to backup android

It will take several minutes to finish the LG backup. It ends with the following interface. Press "OK" to complete the backup process. Don't forget to disconnect you phone before pulling out the USB cable.
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