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Guide to Get A Refund from Google Play

Nov. 3, 2016

We have show the solution to get a refund back from App Store in previous article. Android user are allowed to initial a refund request and get their money back. It is Different from Apple, Android's Google Play Store offers a two-hour no-questions-asked refund period which means clients can refund an app without giving any reason in 2 hours. So, if you want to get google play refund, you'd better hurry up. However, abusing this function may lead to the result that your account would be deleted.

Here are details of how to refund an app on Google Play in different situations.

Method 1: Refund an App on Google Play within 2 Hours
Method 2: Refund an App on Google Play after 2 Hours

Method 1: Refund an App on Google Play within 2 Hours

Here comes the easiest way to get an app refund. If you delete the unwanted app after buying it within 2 hours, Google Play will automatically check out the change and return your money. By the way, if you fail to receive the refund, you can do as followings.

Step 1. Go to the app store, perform "Google Play" on your Android. Tap the menu button and visit "My account".

my account

Step 2. Scroll down and select "My orders". Find out the unwanted app. You can see a "Refund" button after buying the app within 2 hours. Tap the button and Google Play will refund you your money while the app will be automatically uninstalled from your device. refund

Note that you cannot request a refund for an app you have already refunded once.

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Method 2: Refund an App on Google Play after 2 Hours

What if you dislike the app after you bought it 2 hours later? Or you just spend 2 hours finishing download the app, and you don't even know whether it's interesting or not. Don't worry. You can still initiate a refund request, but it would be a little bit less easy. Follow the steps and get a refund!

Step 1. Launch "Google Play" and search for the app you want refunded. You can get contact information of the app developer on an individual app's page.
developer e-mail

Step 2. Contact the developer for a refund directly via email or calls. However, each developer is allowed to come to their own decision, so make sure that you have valid reasons for doing so.

Note: If you get no response form the developer, you might as well contact Google for help. "If the developer doesn't have contact information listed, hasn't responded to your request, or their response was unsatisfactory, contact our support team to see if we can help." says Google.

Go to the Google Play help website. Select "Contact Us" on the right top of the page and click "Android apps & games". Then hit "Request a refund" to get started. Later, you'll be able to contact support by phone, text chat, or email.

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Although we are able to refund the apps we don't want, we should think twice before buying one. You certainly can request a refund if you do dislike the app or you inadvertently bought an app. Because it will waste time and energy to handle this. If you think this post is helpful for you or you have something to say, please let us know below.If not, we''d like to have your questions and will help you continually.

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