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Samsung Shows Patent for Foldable Phone

As we know, Samsung plays a leader role among Android devices. Every generation products get a lot of attention from people. They are very interested in its new technique of phone. Recently, Samsung show its patent application of Samsung foldable phone, which means that the next generation flip phone could be bendable. 


Actually, this is not the first patent with bendable screen that Samsung shows. Last year. Samsung had showed patent with the design concept that not only can bendable, but also can be rolled up. From this patent, we can see Samsung’s ambition to phone market after the Samsung Note 7 issue, which has been solved by pubilcing Samsung apology letter.

Samsung foldable smart phone

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We don’t know for certain whether this futuristic style phone will be applied to those alleged devices, but bendable feature looks plausible at least. 
samsung foldable phone
It is a challenge for technicist to present phones as bendable, rallable and foldable. Because not only they need to let the screen move without breaking or wearing, but also ensure the stuff inside be good. But Samsung has confidence to achieve this goal. 

For the phone users, it is really a good news. As the phone screen becomes bigger and bigger. It is not convenient for people to carry in their daily life. Samsung flexible smartphone can solve this issue perfectly, with bendable feature, the phone takes up less space, and it will be more convenient for people to carry. Click to know more about Samsung: Reccover Lost Files from Broken Screen Samsung

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