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The last Blackberry Phone Will Be Launched with Keyboard

keyboard blackberry

The DTEK50 of Blackberry has been launched in August this year. People think that it is the last “official device”. Because in September, BlackBerry CEO John Chen announced that they will stop the producing of phone hardware and turn to  the software section. But on November 11, 2016. John Chen said that they will launch the last phone with keyboard as Blackberry often do to thank and comfort   the Blackberry fans. 

Blackberry phone always is famous for its safe and reliable, which iOS and Android system can’t surpass it. Before the Apple joins the phone market, it is the most high-end phone for business and government. We can see its excellent communication feature after the event of “911”.  

But the market is always changes the need, people tend to use the Smartphone. Blackberry start falling. Whatever, we still expect the keyboard Blackberry phone which will launch.

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