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When Samsung Phone Exploding Reason Will Be Public?

Samsung note 7

As customary, Samsung will release its Galaxy S8 phone at MWC next year. By now, we can also see lots of news about Samsung S8. Users are very expected to it very much. But before the release of S8, Samsung plans to bring the Samsung phone exploding issue of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to an end this year. According to the Korean media, Samsung hope that the users will pay their attention to the new Samsung phone S8, not the Samsung battery explosion issue of Note 7. So they want to finish this issue by public the exploding reason first at the end of this year.

For Samsung, it is very important to handle this issue well. Exploding issue not only causes the loss of Samsung in profit, but also direct related to the users trust of Samsung. If this thing can’ t be solved in a good way, for Samsung, it will give bad influence to Samsung no matter short or long term.

So not so long ago, we can see that Samsung’s open letter about Samsung galaxy note 7 explosion issue. This letter showed Samsung’s apologies to its broad users. But it hasn’t contained the reason of Samsung battery explosion. So let’s wait and see what Samsung will tell us about the exploding reason.

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