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Why Apple’s iOS Failure Rate Is Higher than Android?

iOS and Android

They are always the competitor for each other. For raising market share, the stable and performance play the important role in it. So both of them work every hard to improve their stable and performance. However, Blancco Technology Group revealed a report about mobile OS recently. In this Q3 2016 State of Mobile Device Performance and Health report, we can see that iOS is less stable than Android.

In the Q3 report, the fault rate of Apple’s iOS is 62%, but the Android’s fault rate is 47%.

July 6, 2016 “Pokemon GO” start sweeping across the globe. iPhone users spend an average of 33 minutes on this game, which is far more than on Facebook , Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram apps. Uers’ addiction to this game causes the issues of frequency breakdown of this program and lack of battery life. Actually, they can use Phone Transfer to have the data remove if brokedown. You can click this user guides for phone transfer.

According to the quarterly report, the reason for iOS issues is 65% related to the breakdown of Apps. We might suppose that Apps’ breakdown is still the main reason of iOS issues in this quarter.

To the fault rate, iPhone 6 is 13% which is highest among the Apple devices, and it also means the most unstable moblie phone. The following is iPhone 6s(9%), iPhone 5s(9%) and iPad Air(2%).
For the most unstable iOS app, of course, Pokemon GO is the number one, which is 5%.

Android is more stable than iOS, There are 7% Android users is not satisfied with the battery, and they also think that the Android Smartphone screen is not good enough. 

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