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iCloud: How to Change iCloud Password?

--Rachel Green April 5, 2017 | Follow FacebookTwitterGoogle+ to get more information.

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Apple ID it is quite important for iPhone user. It could be used for iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store. Without the correct ID password of Apple ID (iCoud ID), it is difficult for us to do with Apple, like shopping the iTunes Store, signing in to iCloud, buying an app, and more.

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By the way, iCloud could help us to keep our photos, videos, music,apps, notes, document,contact and more, we could also use icloud to transmit and update the above data across all your devices Automatically. So wherever you are, you could get what you want. It is very convenient for us.

We always set many different password for our device, it is also easy to forget some of them. If we forget Apple ID(Icloud ID), how to change icloud password on iPhone?
To reset your password, you'll need to know the your Apple ID email address . If you're not sure which email address it is, there are a few ways you can find your Apple ID.  
Today let us show you the simple way to change iCloud password. After read it, you could reset your icloud password in few minutes. Hope it could help you. 

The things you need to prepare:
1.One iPhone Device

2. One iCloud mail address

Situation1: Remember the Apple ID (icloud ID)
Situation2: Only remember Apple ID (icloud ID) but forget password

Situation1: To Change iCloud Password When Remembering the Apple ID (icloud ID) 

It is quite simple. Only simple step could finish it in 1 minute. 
Go to Settings > iCloud.
Input Apple ID (icloud ID) and password 
Modify the passsword

Situation2: Change iCloud Password If Just Remember Apple ID (icloud ID) but forget password

Step 1: Icloud sign in

Go to Settings > iCloud.
If your forgot apple ID, you could try your icloud email address and then enter it, after that choose the option "Forgot Apple ID or Password?", then click Continue.
change icloud password

Step 2: 

After you enter your Apple ID, you can see how to reset your password depending on which Ways of identifying you choose. There are 4 types. 
1.Answer your security questions
Just need to input the answer you set before, it is quite fast to change icloud password if you remember the answers. You could rest password in 1 minutes. It will show two question, after you offer the correct answer, you will pass it.

2.Get an email
 Our primary or rescue email address will get mail, after receive the mail, we could reset icloud password

3.Use two-factor authentication
we could change apple password directly from trusted iPhone, iPad, Pod touch, or Mac, if you choose this way to identify, you need to pay attention to the follows. 
1. Make sure that your iphone device using iOS 10 or later.
2.Open the Settings app.
3. If you’re already signed in to iCloud, choose [your name] > Password & Security > Change Password. Follow the onscreen steps. If your device has a passcode, you'll be asked to enter it, then choose a new password.
4. If you're not signed in to iCloud, choose Forgot Password on the Sign in screen. Follow the onscreen steps.

icloud password change

4.Use two-step verification
If you choose this way, the recovery key and a trusted device are requested to reset your password. After you enter your Apple ID on, please 
Please follow the steps to do it.

1 Enter your Recovery Key.
2.Choose a trusted device. We'll send your device a verification code.
3. Enter the verification code.
4.Set a new password and select Reset Password.
5. If you permanently lost your recovery key or access to your trusted device, you can't change your password.

change my icloud password

Your are asked to input the iCloud id and new password when you log in. Have you get the skill how to change iCloud password? Welcome to share more with us.


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