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How to Clear the Cache on Samsung Galaxy S6?

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You may met the issue as below for your Samsung Galaxy S6:
1.Galaxy S6 becomes very hot when using Apps
2.Battery drain out very fast, the screen goes black
3.Samsung S6 screen goes black
4.The phone running speed is slow down

If you want to solve the issue above, you can turn to clear cache on your S6 phone. In this post, you will know how to clear app and system cache on galaxy s6.

What Is Cache Data Mean?
When to clear cache or data?
How Do I Wipe the App Cache on My Galaxy S6?
How to wipe the system cache on the Galaxy S6
How to Recover Wrongly Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy S6?

What Is Cache Data Mean?

Cache can be divide in to App cache or the system cache. As you can get the meaning from the words, App cache is for specific apps and the system cache is for the Android system itself. The cache is basically like the Temp folder on your PC – a bit of a dumping ground for temporary data. While caches make your Galaxy S6 faster, they can also get bogged down, hence needing to clear the Galaxy S6 cache on occasion.

When to clear cache or data?

Clearing cache can solved the issues we mentioned above sometimes, but we can’t wait the problem occur and do the clearing action. So when should you clear an app's cache manually? Chances are you'll never need to. But should an app start to "feel" sluggish or otherwise start misbehaving, this is where I'd start. Clear the cache.
And should an app really go haywire — or if you just want to start it from scratch — you can go all out and clear its data and start over from the beginning. Just tap the "clear data" button. You'll get a warning asking if that's really what you want to do. Confirm that, and you've reset the app to scratch.

How Do I Wipe the App Cache on My Galaxy S6?

We’d like you to know that clearing app data is a little more drastic. After you wipe the cache, you will also clearing all the settings that go along with that app. You're basically starting that app over, from scratch, and it'll behave as it did the first time you installed it. This is generally a last resort type of thing. If you clear app data on, say, the Facebook app, you'll need to log back in. If you clear data on a game you've been playing, you'll be back at the beginning, as if you'd never played it. (And let's hope that game is properly saving your place to the cloud.

If you want to clear the application cache on the Galaxy S6 - whether it is a specific application or all applications, you can through the "Settings" menu to operate. Go to Settings> Application Manager and find the individual application to clear the cache. Remember that it may be in the "Downloaded, Running" or "All" tab. Click the entry and click Clear Cache. If you want to clear all application caches at the same time, go to Settings> Save and tap Cached Data> OK.
 how to clear cache on samsung 6

How to wipe the system cache on the Galaxy S6

Step 1: Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Step 2: Now press and hold Power, Volume Up and the Home button together.

how to clear internet cache on galaxy s6

Step 3: When you see blue screen with Android logo release the buttons.

Step 4: You’ll be in recovery mode now, use volume buttons to scroll and highlight the Wipe Cache Partition, Press power button to confirm it.

galaxy s6 clear history

Step 5: It will take few seconds to complete the process.
Step 6: Once the process is completed, Reboot your device.

How to Recover Wrongly Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy S6?

It is better to perform carefully when do the clearing action. But if you wrongly deleted something important, you still have chance to get it back with Android Data Recovery. This software will help you to recover the data like photos, contacts, messages, WhatsApp and so on from Android. 

Have a try first?

Step 1: 

Start dr.fone on your computer. Select Data Recovery and connect your Samsung device using a USB cable.

what is cached data mean

Step 2: 
The program may require you to debug the device before the scan begins. If this is the case, just follow the instructions in the next window to complete the process.
samsung clear cache s7

Step 3:
The debugging process will make dr.fone - Android Data Recovery easy to detect your device. Once your device is detected, the program will scan all data for the device. You can select the file to be scanned in the next window. In this case, we want to find the missing picture, so we choose "Gallery".
galaxy s6 clear ram

Step 4: 
Click "Next" and dr.fone - Android Data Recovery will scan the picture. When the scan is complete, all the files available on the screen will appear as shown below. Select those that you want to restore, and then click Restore.

how to clear cache on galaxy s6 edge plus


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