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Best Ways to Delete Downloads on Android on 2017?

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To make our life easier, we always keep our photo, vide, WhatsApp news and download document in our mobile phone as well as many kinds of useful apps. Have you ever notice that the more files in cellphone, the slower running rate is. Because the storage space is become more and more small. When you need to download new app or files, it may appears not enough space. To install this app on this device, delete app you no longer need. You can also free up space by deleting media files in setting> storage. At this moment, we may interested in how to delete downloads on android? how to delete apps on android? how to clear cache on android?

It is quite easy to make your android device runs fast. Just need delete downloads and clear cached data.

Part 1:How To Delete Downloads On Android?
Part 2: How To Clear Cache On Android?

How to Delete Downloads on Android? 

Compared with iPhone and android device, it is easier to make iPhone internal storage empty than android. For iPhone device, only need to delete app, clear cached data and delete the picture, video and files. 
After delete downloads on android and clear android cache, your device will run fast. By deleting, the benefits as follows: increase storage space for your device, improve its speeds and increase battery life. Now it is time to delete your useless downloaded programs from your device to keep your android phone safe and faster. Today let us focus how to delete downloads. Different model operate surface may different. But the solution is same.
how to clear cache on android

Solution 1: 
Step 1.  Setting> Apps/Application menu, you will see all the apps installed into your device.
Step 2. Find “downloads” icon, it is mostly located on the upper left side
Step 3. Click on “downloads” to see all the downloaded programs and apps. It is easy to select the ones to delete.
Step 4.  You can choose the specific downloaded program which you need to delete, click it. at this time, it will pop up window show the information details, please check it carefully before you delete.
Step 5. After confirm the delete information, please click on the “Uninstall” button, now you will see a window which show” you are sure about deleting the download?” click “yes” to the query and proceed to delete the download.
Step 6. The download will be gone completely.
Step 7: Finish. 
how to delete downloads

Solution 2: 
If you think the above solution it is quite slow, you could try the solution 2, a fastest way to delete downloads on android. 

Launch the File Manager app.
If your android device haven’t, you could also download a variety of free file manager apps from the Google Play Store

Choose the Downloads folder. 
Scroll through listed folders to the Downloads folder. Tap the folder once to open it. Downloads contains all the files you have downloaded from the Internet using your Android device.

Select a file to delete. 
Tap and hold the file you want to delete, select it. Once you select one file, checkboxes will appear next to each of the files in the folder. Choose additional files to select multiple files at once.

Select all the files to delete. 
If you need to select more than one file, scroll through the list and tap the checkbox for each file you need to select. You could delete multiple files in short time. 

Delete the files. 
Tap on the Delete button to remove the selected files. The delete button is usually represented by a trash can. When you press the trash can, a pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm the deletion. Tap “OK” to confirm. The file will be removed from the Downloads folder, free up phone memory which occupied.

Warming tips: 
1. Before delete the files, please check it. 
2.If you decide not to delete files, just tap “Cancel” in the pop-up instead.

How to Clear Cache on Android?

What is cached data? Android cached data which comes from a website or an app that is stored on your smartphone. Cache data is stored on your device, when we check the information in next time, no need to load it from the internet all over again, it is really fast. Certainly, the cache data will take up storage space. So we need to clear cache on android.

Step 1: On General page, tap Application Manager.
how to delete apps on android

Step2: Choose each app and tap the Clear cache button.
Step3: Finish
delete downloads

Already get the skill about how to delete downloads on android and how to clear cache on android?
Welcome to share more with us. 

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