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What to Do When HTC One M8 Not Charging?

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“My HTC One M8 not charging, how can I do? Here’s the thing: One evening, the phone ran out of charge. I plugged it into the charger, but the charging red light blinking, after a few minutes, it totally turned off. And I try several other USB cables, but there was no use. So I put my M8 aside and let it still on charging. I hoped it could get well by itself next day morning. But it disappointed me.”

HTC One M8 not charging

If you also met the similar situations as HTC One M8 wont charge. You can try the solutions which provided by us in this post.

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Things Can’t Do When Charging HTC M8

1. When charging your M8 phone, please let it away from the water or the excessively hot /humid conditions.

2.Please don’t have your HTC One M8 overcharged. If you charge your phone overnight, while it just need two or three hours to get full charge, the battery life time will be shorten, and even the phone will be damaged.

3. Be careful with the alternative charge and cables when you are going to charge your HTC phone, because there are many cheap and low quality third-party chargers will damage your phone and make the HTC M8 charging problems worse. Please use the charger complies the relevant safety standards. 

Possible Solutions to HTC One M8 Slow Charging Problems

Solution 1: Exclude Mirco-USB Port Problems

Check and see if the HTC One M8 charging port contain dust and dirty? If there are dust and dirt inside the charging port, they will affect connection when charging. To solve this, use a needle or toothpick to move the dirt slightly and softly. 
htc one m8 charging port

Solution 2: Change Different Charger

Sometimes, the broken charger is the reason lead to HTC One M8 battery not charging or slowly charging. To exclude this issue caused by improper charger or cable, please use the correct HTC One M8 charger which has at least 2 Amps of power. A new charger that will charge the HTC M8 much faster than the old one. 
Solution 3: Change the Wall Socket that Use for Charging

After excluding the charger issue, let’s turn to wall socket. To verify if the wall socket cause M8 not charging happens, you can use a good device which can be charged and plug it into the wall socket with the charger to charge. You can also change difference wall socket  but with your HTC m8 device to see the result.

Here, we’d like to note you that using a wall socket to charge is much faster than using the USB to connect on PC. Because computer's' USB ports don't deliver very much power. A wall socket can deliver twice as much power than a USB port can, and in the case of fast chargers it can deliver as much as five times the power.

Solution 4: Try Reset the Charging Logic of M8

Firstly, charge the HTC phone with wall socket for at least 10 minutes, and turn off your M8 phone, press and hold the 3 buttons: volume up, volume down and power at the same time for 3 minutes. Then release all of them. Now you can get the reset charging logic. Please try to charge your phone with charger again.


Hope that above solutions will help you to solve the not charging issue on HTC M8. During the fixing time, if there are some data in your phone that you need to use very urgent, then you can turn to Phone Transfer, this is a tool for you to transfer data from phone to phone or phone to PC.

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