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How to Solve LG G3 Keeps Restarting Issue?

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“My LG G3 keeps restarting by itself since Oct. 2015, try to use home screen but doesn’t work. How can I solve this remain issue, need your support, thanks in advance”. --Asked by Turtlegirl14

It is no doubt that LG G3 is a wonderful phone with its awesome features. But nothing is perfect, many users are annoy with its minor flaw, which is shutting down and keeping rebooting it self. Here are some tips for you to solve this issue.

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LG company said that it is not a firmware issue and you can solve it by updating. You may try the ways as below when your phone temporarily stops restarting.

Tip 1

Some apps make the processor to work at its maximum efficiency for long will also cause the LG phone keeps restarting. In this situation, the restarting happens for a few while to preventing the phone not to be overheated. To solve this issue, you can download and install the program as CPU Monitor, so that you can manage the apps on it and control its usage. Also it will help you to find which app is need to uninstall. You can get more information from the statement below.

“This started happening to me sometimes, I noticed when I opened the flashlight app it would happen sometimes. I looked in the app listings and noticed I had 5 flashlight apps installed. So I uninstalled 4 of them and it solved the problem, hasn't happened since. Must have been conflicts with the different apps. It also solved my duplicate message issue.”

why does my phone keep restarting

Tip 2

Rooting your phone and installing custom ROMs may also lead to your LG G3 to shut down. These ROMs have options of over clocking and under clocking. Some people under clock their phones to increase the the battery performance of their phone. This sometimes breaks the phone and the phone suddenly shuts down itself to prevent more damage. So make sure that you don’t under clock it more than the recommended value. This will surely fix the problem.

Tip 3

LG G3 keeps rebooting, we may also think it is the battery issue. Try to take out the take out the battery from LG phone and use suitable thing to clear it to preventing the dirty pins factor. What’s more, you can take out the battery and put it in without powering it on and make it charge to capacity and turn on your LG to find weather it works.

phone keep restarting over and over


If all the above tips doesn’t work, the phone may have a hardware problem, you can turn to service center for changing a new battery or a new phone.

OK, the above are the tips for you to solve the Android phone keep restarting. Hope that you can use it to solve your issues in succeed.

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