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Android Black Screen Issue: How to Fix LG G3 Black Screen of Death?

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If you come to here for looking for solutions to “lg g3 black screen of death” issue. Then you have come to the right place. We will show you several useful solutions to solve this issue efficiently. You can also apply these methods to other Android black screen problem if needed.

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What Cause LG G3 Black Screen of Death?

For this annoy issue, we analysis and collect some main reasons here for your reference. So that you can use them knowledge to prevent this issue happened again.

1.OS Problem
Operating System’s corruption is also lead to black screen issue. Just like the computer. Because the OS data get deleted or corrupted, you LG phone will be hard to run normally as before.

2. Malfunctioned Apps
Most of time, Android phone black screen issue occur when you are playing a game, seeing a audio or using an app. Hence, many people think that such mobile phone problems could be caused by malfunctioned apps. It did! For example, you launch a game, but it is too large, and the phone has no enough space to run it smoothly, the your phone screen will become black. If you use the bug app, this issue also happened.

3. LG Phone Get Corrupted due to Physical Damage

Some LG phone black screen problems happened also due to people suddenly dropping their phone. 

4. Viruses or Mal-wares
And viruses or mal-wares hidden on your LG phone are also able to have a bad impact there and let it work ineffectively. 

How to Fix Android Black Screen Problem?

Solution 1: Remove and Re-Install the Battery to Your LG Phone 

If found your LG phone get a black screen, you can remove the back cover and get out of the battery, after a while(about 25-30 seconds), re-insert it to phone. During this process, be sure that the metal parts of the battery get connected and touching properly and phone is getting power. Finish this, try to restart your phone and wait to see.

fix lg g3  dead screen
Solution 2: Take out the SIM and SD Card from G3 Phone

If re-inserting the battery doesn’t help, try to remove SD card or SIM card, or both of them. Because sometimes they will have the compatibility issues and hence it creates problem. To avoid this issue, remove them and reboot your device to see if works.

lg phone black screen of death
Solution 4: Disable/Uninstall Apps 

We can’t neglect that the apps may occur the problem because of the bug on them. To solve this, you can boot your Android device into Safe Mode:
Switch OFF your phone and then again switch it ON
When your device displays the logo while restarting, press and hold the Volume down button until the lock screen shows up.
Safe mode will displayed at the lower left corner on the phone’s screen.
Once you enter into safe mode. Select and uninstall the apps that is creating problems.
android phone black screen

Solution 5: Perform Hardware Factory Reset

If the solutions above cant help you to solve LG G3 black screen problem, then you can turn to this one. That is, performing hard factory reset on your Android device.
Here’s how to do:

1.Press and hold buttons of Volume Up, Power and Home at the same time to get into recovery mode.

2. Once in Recovery mode, using Volume button to locate “factory reset/wipe data” and press Power button to begin factory reset process.

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How to Backup/Recover Data from Black Screen LG G3 Phone?

If you have some important data on your black screen phone and want to do a backup of them, you can use Android Data Extraction, which is a software for helping people to get back the files from black/broken screen Android phone. 

Try it for free:


See how it works:

Step 1. Download, install and launch dr.fone for Android on PC. In the primary interface, choose
"Android Data Extraction(Damaged Device)" item. 
fix black screen issue

Step 2. Select files types you want to recover or backup. You can choose contacts, videos, messages, photos(gallery), and so on.
choose files type

Step 3. Determine the type of fault there are 2 options on the screen - "Touch doesn't work or cannot access the phone" and "Black/broken screen". Choose the latter.
faulty type

The next window gives you option of choosing your device make and model. Select the appropriate option from the drop down list and click on "next". This feature works only with selected Samsung Galaxy phones and tabs.

Step 4. Enter download mode on LG G3 Phone
You need to follow the instructions provided on the window to start the process:
• Switch off the phone
• Now keep the phone's "volume decrease" button and the "home" and "power" buttons pressed for a while.
• Then press the "volume increase" button to begin download mode.
recovery mode

Step 5. Analyzing your Samsung Galaxy
Next dr.fone will match with you Galaxy model and automatically analyze the data on it.
lg phone broken screen

Step 6. Select and recover the data from dead Samsung Galaxy
After successful completion of the scanning, you will see your data sorted out in categories on the left hand side of dr.fone window. You can preview your scanned data and select the ones you need to backup. After you are done with selecting, click the "Recover" button to begin the process.
backup files


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