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How to Fix LG G3 Screen Flicker and Fade?

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Have you ever meet lg g3 screen problems? Such as lcd screen flicker problem, black fades, lcd flickering and fading into black. Also the monitor flicker. How to solve monitor flashing black problem?
Have you ever make lg g3 screen shuts off and open again? But screen keeps going black? Take to the mobile phone repair shop to fix screen flashing black? However, the Maintenance staff say 
that after install new lg g3 replacement screen, it could work again. Maybe you could also search the idea from net to fix Lg G3 Screen Flicker And Fade.

What May Lead to LG G3 Screen Flicker and Fade?
How To Fix Lg G3 Screen Flicker and Fade?

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LG G3 screen flicker and fade to darkness like the follows video, you could open and check it. If your lg g3 screen flickers like this situation, do not worry about it, you could follow us and go ahead. 


What May Lead LG G3 Screen Flicker and Fade?

It may occur when your phone is overheating and that is shocked, this causes a bad contact of the rear camera connector.

Now still much more users are interested in how to fix Lg G3 Screen Flicker And Fade. On the other hand, users are also searching a way to solve lg phone flashing screen problem. The most fast way to solve phone digitizer problems it is heat the motherboard of the phone to 200°, but it is dangerous, all of us didn't want take a risk. You can also try to disconnect then reconnect the camera connector or put a piece of paper/cardboard/rubber to wedge the connector.

Screen Flickering

If your lg g3 screen blackout, you could try the follows method. If meet any question when you tear down lg g3, welcome to share with us or the professional people. The follow video comes from YouTube.
It Is quite simple and hit. Many user have already solved their lg g3 flickering screen problem after watching this video. Hope it could help you.

How to Fix Lg G3 Screen Flicker And Fade?

The Simple Steps to Fix Lg G3 Screen Flicker And Fade as Follows: 

Step 1: Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the back of the phone, the total amount of the screws it is 13. 
Step 2: Remove Back Plates.
Step 3: Unplug The Camera And Sound Cables, please pay attention to place where Unplug them. You can unplug / plug the rear camera connector and the screen connector.
Step 4: Pull Out Motherboard carefully
Step 5: Fold a little piece of paper or which should be thick enough to properly seat the connector, if you want to achieve a better effect, you could also cut Up an old credit and place it behind the Cpu
Step 6: Put Back The Motherboard, Reconnect Camera And Sound Cables, Reassemble Back Plates
Step 7: Replace the screws, the battery and turn on the phone. No flicker and fading into darkness, right? It means it works. 
Step 8: Finish

Warning Tips: 
1.It is better to collect and analyses the information about why your screen flickers then goes black before you teardown lg g3 screen
2.Before handling, discharge your static electricity(for example, by touching radiator) By the way ,it is better to wear anti-static gloves
3.Please avoid touching the motherboard

Hope the lg g3 screen flicker and fade fix video could help you to fix it by yourself. 

Already know how to Fix LG G3 Screen Flicker And Fade? Welcome to share more with us. 

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