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What to Do When LG G4 Stuck on LG Screen?

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“I got a LG G4 (from T-mobile) but it has been stuck in the boot screen with "LG Life is Good". It shows me this screen for a few seconds, becomes black, and comes back to that screen again. It is continuously stuck in this loop, and the only way to get out of it is taking the battery off. The phone does not have any custom rom installed, everything is as it was from factory settings (including launchers etc.)?”

Many LG G4 users have met the issue of LG G4 Stuck on LG Screen as above, today, we will show how to solve this problem and hope it will help you.

What is the Reason of LG G4 Stuck at Screen?
Solution 1:How to Fix LG G4 Stuck on Boot Screen and LG Logo
Solution 2: Fix Lg g4 Stuck on Startup Screen
How to Backup Data from LG G4 Devices?

What is the Reason of LG G4 Stuck at Screen?

First, let’s clear what cause this common issue. T-Mobile said that the reason is manufacture's warranty. And according to LG, the issue is with the motherboard. Which means this isn't a user-serviceable thing unless you like to tinker with your device's hardware.

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Solution 1:How to Fix LG G4 Stuck on Boot Screen and LG Logo

First of all turn off your LG G4 phone.
Press Power + Volume Down button together at the same time for some seconds.
After the LG Logo appears then quickly release the Power button for a second and again press and hold the Power button.
Release the Button when the Factory Hard Reset menu will appear.
Now press the Power button to begin and again press it to Confirm. Now your LG G4 will factory reset and the phone will automatically restart.

Solution 2: Fix Lg g4 Stuck on Startup Screen

The only solution is to take it back to either LG or the store where you purchased the device from. As this is a widespread issue, LG or the store should replace it under warranty. 

How to Backup Data from LG G4 Devices?

If your phone has its serial # starting with #505 up to #508, and it hasn't bootlooped yet, you’d better back up all your data now. The following the guides will show you how to backup data with Android Data Backup & Restore software. Which will help people to backup lots of data with one click, very safe and convenient. You can have a trial first!

Step 1: Download and Install Software
Install and launch the program on the computer for Android. Out of the various toolkits present on the interface of the program, select “Data Backup & Restore”.
LG G4 Stuck on LG Screen

Step 2: Connect the LG G4 to PC
Now, connect the Android device to the PC with the use of a USB cable. Make sure that USB debugging mode is enabled on the device. You might find a pop up screen as well on the Android device asking you to enable USB debugging. Tap on “OK” to enable.
how to LG G4 Stuck on LG Screen

Step 3: Select file types for back up
It is time now to select file types to back up. After the phone is connected, select the file types as shown below in the picture, to create backup.
Lg g4 stuck on boot screen fix
By default, you will find all the data types selected. So, uncheck the ones which you don’t want to backup and then click on “Backup” button to start the process.
Lg g4 stuck on startup screen

The process will take a few minutes. So, make sure you do not disconnect the Android device or use it during the process.
You will be able to view the backup files and what is in them by clicking on “View the backup” button, once backup is done.
Lg g4 stuck at boot screen

We hope this post will help you to solve the Lg g4 stuck on logo screen issue. If you LG hasn’t met this issue, it is better to backup your files first. The solution showed above is very convenient and have helped many users to solve the backup issue.

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