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What to Do with Whatsapp Messages When Losing Phone

It trouble us so much to lost our phone. We have so many personal information like contacts, photos, messages and other important files in it. Especially for the people who use WhatsApp, they are facing the issue of losing all their contacts and messages. Here we will offer the way to get the WhatsApp accounts back. Please know that this post does not for getting your phone back. But will tell you how to recover deleted files.

Can we deactivate the account from another device? The answer is No! To let you have a clue on this, I will start with how to deactivate WhatsApp.

Step 1. Lock Your SIM Card
Step 2. Activate WhatsApp on a New Phone

Step 1. Lock Your SIM Card

Firstly, you should make a call to your mobile provider and offer them whatever information that is necessary. This would make it impossible to verify your account on that lost phone, because either the SIM card or a phone call is needed.

Step 2. Activate WhatsApp on a New Phone

Secondly, use a new SIM card with the same number that you have lost and activate the account. This is a rather tricky thing, in that an account can only be used on one phone only. Since you have made the way to verify the account on the old phone impossible, our goal to get it back is well achieved. 

The details are as the following.
1) Open WhatsApp and click "Agree and continue".
Launch WhatsApp

Start whatsapp
2) Choose your location and enter your phone number.  Click "OK".
Verify Phone Number

verify the phone number
3) Confirm your phone number. If you find something wrong with it, click "Edit". And if not, click "OK".
Confirm Phone Number

confirm phone number
4) Wait for a seconds. When SMS verification failed, you can try hitting the button "CALL ME" to receive a vocal code.
SMS Verification


1. Even if your SIM card is locked in step 1, phone stealers can still use WhatsApp through Wi-Fi.
2. When the account is disabled, your contacts can send you messages, which will be kept for up to thirty days. And you will not be deleted from your contacts' Favorites/Select Contact lists unless they are willing to do so.
3. Any deactivated account that is not used in thirty days will be deleted by the system.
4. All the messages sent to you in the thirty days will be received when you activate the account again.
5. Chat history cannot be restored unless you have a backup.

Hope that above content will help you. And know how to recover deleted files. If not, be free to contact us and we will give you the answer.


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