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How to Enable USB Debugging Galaxy S6?

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When you plug your Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 or S6 Edge to PC with USB cable, you may find that your Samsung can not be recognized as a media device, just as a camera. Which means that you can not transfer your files between phone and PC successfully with this situation. To solve it, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone first. This post will show you how to enable USB debugging galaxy s6.

How to Turn on USB Debugging on Galaxy S6
Tips to Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy or More

How to Turn on USB Debugging on Galaxy S6

1.On your Samsung, go to the menu, open the Settings app.
2. Scroll down to the bottom, find and select ‘About device’.
How to enable usb debugging on galaxy s6

Note: You will not see the Developer Options by default. So you need to enter the “About Device” to allow Developer Options on your Samsung.
3. Scroll down to find “Build Number” and tap it for seven times with faster rapid until you see message “Developer mode has been enabled” appears.
Samsung Galaxy s6 usb debugging

4. Now go back to the Setting step and you will now can see the “Developer Options”. Tap to open it.
Usb debugging samsung galaxy s6

5.In this screen, you can scroll to find the “USB debugging”, check the box next to it and then you have enabled it successfully. 
USB debugging mode

Now you have finished Usb debugging Samsung galaxy s6 and can access the file from your Galaxy S6  with USB cable on your computer.

Tips to Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy or More

The above tutorial can used to do Galaxy s6 usb debugging on Samsung Galaxy A series, and also Galaxy S Series and more Samsung. For example, you can enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy S6 following the instructions above. If you are using another Samsung smartphone or other Android smartphones, you can also follow the above steps to activate USB debugging on them. It is similar to any Andoird based devices, including smartphones and tablets.
What if your phone screen is broken? You can click Enable USB Debugging on Broken Screen to get more information.


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