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Way to know if Someone Read My WhatsApp Messages

It must be very exciting for you if asking a girl out for dating on Whatsapp online. You might very eager to know if she has seen your messages and what she will response to you. Here, this article will show you the method to see weather he/she has already read your Whatsapp messages from you Android phone?

Way to know Check Whether WhatsApp Messages are Read

Step 1.  Find the Whatsapp messenger and enter the chat Screen on your Android device.
Step 2.  Move to the last message that you sent, tap and hold on it.
Step 3.  Select the Info option in the interface to get into Message Info screen on your Android. 
Step 4.  Then you will get the details info about the messages like when it is delivered and when it's read.
steps to setting

Note: You can also check the mark at the bottom right corner to see the details of the messages. If you see one tick, it means the message is sent successfully; If two ticks is shown, it tell you that the message is delivered and received through your Whatapp; when two blue ticks, the message is read. 
whatapp buttom corner

OK, that all about this easy method. You can go and have a try. Using this good way, you don’t need to worry and struggle weather someone has read your message or not. And you can even know that his/her attitude to your message.

Besides, if the message are always shown as received but not read and you can't see the last seen status of your WhatsApp contact, it is possible that you are blocked on WhatsApp. But don’t be sad and deleted all the messages that is related to you. If you have done this thing and want to get the messages back. You can backup the messages data by using Phone Transfer.


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