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How Can I Know Where Are Contacts Stored on Android?

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Contacts which stored on phone are very important data to us. Many people save a new contact to their phones, but they don’t really know where are contacts stored on Android. Since this question spring up more and more, we’d like to show people how to find out. And use Samsung phone as samples. What’s more, you will also know the contacts backup methods and recovery way in this post. OK, let’s move on!

Where are contacts stored on Android?
Where are Contacts Stored on Samsung Galaxy S4?
Where Are Contacts Stored on Samsung Galaxy S5?
How to Backup Contacts on Android?
How to Recover Lost Contacts from Android?

Where are contacts stored on Android?

Actually, difference manufacturers have difference customization for storing contacts files. But normally, the contacts are stored in Android's own SQLite3 database. The path of saving contacts on Android is data/data/

Where are Contacts Stored on Samsung Galaxy S4?

Normally, galaxy S4 contacts are saved on SIM card, you can follow the steps as below to find it and do a backup also.

1- Enter the contacts list
2-Click menu button
3-Click on "SIM management"
4-Click "Copy contacts to SIM"
5-After all the contacts have been copied then repeat steps 1-3
6-Once in "SIM management" again click "Copy contacts from SIM"
7-Click Google account
8-Once all are copied sign into your gmail on a computer.
9-Top left says Gmail. This is a drop down menu. Click it and then pick "Contacts"
10-When this is loaded you should then see all your contacts. 

You can also use above method to transfer your contacts from old phone to a new one. Such as , transfer contacts from Samsung S4 to S5. From this point on your contacts will always be on google and ready to sync to any new phone ore google device you get.

Where Are Contacts Stored on Samsung Galaxy S5?

To backup contacts which stored on galaxy S4, you can follow:

Contacts > Menu (3 dots) > Settings > Contacts > Import/export contacts > Export to SD card

This will then send a copy of all your contacts in .vcf file format, to your external storage. The file can then be uploaded to the cloud or copied to your PC for safe keeping.

How to Backup Contacts on Android?

Note 1: You can directly sync contacts to Gmail on your Android phone. Follow:
1) Press the menu button > "Settings" > "Accounts and sync" > "Add account" > "Google" > "Next" > "Sign in".
2) Enter your Gmail login information. If you don't already have a Gmail account, tap the "Create" button instead and fill in the form provided.

3) Tap the "Sign in" > "Sync Contacts" > "Finish".
4) If you don't want to add the account to Gmail, you can back up Android contacts to Gmail on your computer. Before importing contacts to Gmail on your computer, export them from the Android to PC. Enter "Contacts" > menu button > "Import/Export" > "Export to USIM Card/ storage" > "OK".

Step 1. Log into Gmail
Sign in to Gmail with your account and the password. After that, click on the triangle icon and expand the list. Choose "Contacts > More > Import". Then choose "GO TO OLD CONTACTS > Import Contacts". Contacts will be exported as VCF format.
galaxy s4 contacts files location

Step 2. Select and Import Contacts to Gmail
Select contacts in VCF format in your computer. Then click "Open". When the pop up as below occurs, select "Import".
android contacts files copy

Check the Gmail, you can see all the imported contacts displayed in the list.

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How to Recover Lost Contacts from Android?  

If the contacts are wrongly deleted and you haven’t do backup before. How can you restore them? You can use Android Contacts Recovery software, a powerful tool for you to get back the deleted data, including contacts, photos, videos, messages and so on.

You will need several simple steps during the recovery process.
Step 1. Download and Install the Contacts Recovery program to your computer.
Step 2 Link your Android phone to your PC/Mac.
Step 3 Enable USB debugging on your Android phone

Step 4 Allow Software to Scan Lost Data

choose phone number to recover

Step5 Preview and retrieve phone numbers on Android

android contacts files

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