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    TunesGo helps you to transfer & backup music, photos, SMS, contacts, videos on your iOS and Android devices. It is also a best bridge between iOS and Android. Fully compatible with iOS 10.3 and Android 7.0.
Win Mac

data transfer phone to phone

Back up Your Phone

Besides the transfer function, Phone Transfer also allows you to do a full backup of your data freely even if you haven't purchased the full version yet. You can do the backup from Android to your PC or Mac with the backup function.
It is now compatible to Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.10 already.
For iOS users: Though iTunes and iCloud, transfer the contents from iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC. Phone Transfer help you to back up iOS without these complex operations.

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    Transfer Music Between iTunes and Android

    Phone Transfer is not only an excellent data transfer software, but also good at restoring files from backups.
    For the circumstances such as:
    Losing your device and want to send the datas to the new one.
    Regret deleting something and want to get it back.
    Want to sync backups between two devices.
    Phone Transfer allows you to restore backup file from iTunes, iTunesMusic, iCloud, Samsung Kies, BlackBerry,Desktop Software.Begin to restore your precious data back with 1 click!

    how to transfer apps to new phone

    Enjoy Music for Android Phone/Tablet

    Simply formating your old phone is not enough at all.
    Phone Transfer empowers you to erase both existed data and the deleted ones permanently. After the deletion, the contents in your device are all wiped and the data becomes unrecoverable. And you can freely give away, donate or sell your old phone and enjoy your time using the new, fabulous new smartphones without worries on privacy leak.
    This excellent data eraser supports:
    Erase all existed and deleted datas on iPhone 6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus Android/iOS device,Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/ S6 edge, HTC M9, Sony Xperia Z3/ Z2, etc.
    wipes data on your iDevice with 1 click and your old phone's memory will be thoroughly cleared up.

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