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How to Recover Photos from My Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge with Reliable Methods?

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Many Samsung users like to use their phone to take pictures and record their lives. It is very convenient. However, we get many questions about how to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge, since accidental deletion of data occur sometimes. If you also need to know the solutions to this issue, keep reading and you will know how to solve it easily.

Part 1: Where Does The Photos Store On Samsung Galaxy S6?
Part 2: How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung S6/S6 edge
Part 3: How to Store Photos from Text Message on Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

Part 1: Where Does The Photos Store On Samsung Galaxy S6?

Samsung Galaxy save its photos in internal memory, while internal storage is very limited. So external storage, like SD card also can help you to store your pictures. If you insert an external storage card, your Samsung Galaxy will by default save photos in the external storage card automatically.

Of course, you can choose to change the storage destination if you want. To do so, all you need to do is launch your camera app, tap the settings icon (gear) and click on more (the ""¦" icon).

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Part 2: How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung S6/S6 edge

Use a Galaxy s6 data recovery software, which also called Android Data Recovery, and use it to get back the lost photos easily and safely. You can try free version first!

Samsung galaxy photo recover download:

download for win download for mac

Note: Once find data loss, not to add any files to your Samsung phone for avoiding over-written!

Now, let’s start:

Step 1.  After the download and installation of recovery software to PC. You need to combine your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge to your computer through a USB cable.
Samsung galaxy photo recovery

Step 2. To recover deleted pictures from your S6/S6 edge device, you should first let the phone connect well to PC, then let the software scan your device. To connect well, it is necessary to enable USB debugging on Samsung. See the guide displayed on the software and you will know.
Android photo recovery software

Step 3.  After the well connect, the Samsung recovery tool will start an analysis on your Galaxy S6/S6 edge by automatically.

How to retrieve deleted photos on Samsung s6 edge
If you have rooted your Android phone before, enable the Superuser authorisation on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy/Note before the scanning process. Click "Allow" when the software prompts you to do so. On your computer, click "Start" to scan your device.
How to recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy s6 without computer

Step 4.  In this step, you need to choose file type and scan mode. To quickly scan for lost photos on Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge, just choose"Gallery" only. It is the category where all found pictures on your Samsung Galaxy will be saved here. Click "Next" to let the software scan for deleted pictures on it.

S6 recovery tool
After selecting file types to scan, select the scanning mode, you can choose "Standard Mode" or "Advanced Mode". If want to save time, choose "Standard Mode"first. And click "Next" to continue the photo recovery process.

Step 5.  Normally it will take a few minutes to finish the whole scan. To save time, if you find the deleted photos you need, click the "Pause" button to stop the process. Check the wanted photos and click "Recover" at the bottom of the program. A pop-up window will pop-up, select the destination folder on your local drive to save the recovered photos.

how to retrieve lost photos from Samsung Galaxy S6

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Part 3: How to Store Photos from Text Message on Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

Saving each photos one by one take too much time if there are a lot. Here provide you a method to save all photos from a text message at the same time. This will save you time and allow you to make sure that all images have been successfully saved.

1.Go to the text message with one of the photos you want to save.
2.Tap and hold on the picture, a small menu will open up.
3.Choose on Save attachment.
4.A small menu will come out and permit you to select the attachment(s) you want to save.
5.Select the photos that you want to save and tap on Save.

6.Name the new file before it is saved to the gallery on your Galaxy S6/S6 edge, so you know where to find the photos.

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