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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Broken Android?

Oct. 28, 2016

The most annoying things for Android users might be broken your phone.You must be thinking about if the data inside still survive.You will be eager to make sure your datas is still safe.May you keep the happit of backing up everything once a week.If not,you lost your essential documents,photo memories,music and videos,especially the mobile contacts of important ones.

Android Data Extraction is such a tool designed for people to retrieve data from broken phone.This friendly software enables you to recover deleted contacts from phones to your computer no matter your phone is Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony or Motorola, etc.Besides that, it also provides easier way for you to get messages, SMS, photos back. It's a nice product that you shouldn't miss it.

Guide to Do Data Recovery from Broken Phone

Step 1. Run the Data Recovery Program
Step 2. Choose the Data Type
Step 3. Select Phone Fault Type
Step 4. Get the Device into Download Mode
Step 5. Start to Analyze the Phone
Step 6. Retrieve Lost Phone Numbers
Step 7. Check the Recovered Items

Step 1. Run the Data Recovery Program

After installed,startup Android Data Recovery. The Home windows pops up.
It shows that"this program can support to scan the broken phone",just press "scan it".
Android Data Recovery Connect Device to PC

Step 2. Choose the Data Type

As the next screen comes out, you can get to know whether your broken device is supported. Next step, tick the box in front of the data that you want to recover, like "Contacts".
Android Data Recovery Choose Data Type

Step 3. Select Phone Fault Type 

You need to select a phone fault type between the two options. If the touch screen cannot be used, or the system is not allowed to enter, click the left side while when the cellphone stuck in black screen, the right one is suitable to go on. Then, you need to select your phone model.
Android Data Recovery select your phone states

Step 4. Get the Device into Download Mode

There shows the user guide for you to enter download mode, so you can follow it.
1. Power off the device.
2. Press the volume down, home button and power button at the same time.
3. Press the volume up when the screen shows some letters to you.
Android Data Recovery download mode

Step 5. Start to Analyze the Phone 

After your device is connected to the PC, the program will begin to analyze the device .
Android Data Recovery Analyze the phone

Step 6. Retrieve Lost Phone Numbers

After your data on the cellphones or tablets is scanned completely. The results is able to preview . You are allowed to press "Recover" to choose a way to retrieve your data.
Android Data Recovery retrieve lost data

Step 7. Check the Recovered Items

The recovery result could be checked. The contacts are saved to your computer as HTML, CSV, etc.
Android Data Recovery check recovery result

Check Results
The recovery is completed. This is how you solve problems like "how to recover contacts from broken android", "how to backup my contacts when phone screen is broken", etc. What's more, you can also get your lost SMS, Text messages and photos back with Android Data Recovery. 

Besides Android Data Recovery software, you can also use Android Data Extraction to restore your files. Just click this article: How to Extract Data by Using Data Extraction


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