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How to Retrieve Deleted Contacts from Phone Memory in Reliable Way

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We all have many contacts stored on our Android phone. Does it safe forever after you put them into your phone memory? Many users may reply us “No”. Because kinds of reasons can lead to contacts loss in Android phone storage, like system corruption, wrongly deletion, factory reset, ROM flashing, updates issues etc.. Today, we will talk about how to retrieve deleted contacts from phone memory.

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How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Internal Storage via Renew-Android Data Recovery
Where Can You Store the Contacts on Your Mobile?

How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Internal Storage via Renew-Android Data Recovery

Since you have come here, you might have meet the situation of contact loss. To get back the deleted phone number, you need to stop updating your phone immediately for voiding over-written. And move fast to get a recovery software, just like RenewAndroid Data Recovery. With it, fast and safely to recover your phone number with a few simple steps. Most of Android devices are supported, including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google, LG and so on. 

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Step 1 Connect Android Device and Enable USB Debugging

After download and install recovery software to PC, you need to connect your Android with a USB cable to PC. 
recover deleted contacts from Android internal storage
In order to connect well and let the software detect your phone successfully, the critical is to enable USB debugging on your Android device. There are different steps to enable the USB debugging, according to different Android versions. Simply follow the instructions, stated in the below image.
usb debugging

Step 2  Select Contacts to Scan Lost Data

After you have enable the USB debugging on mobile, you will get the pop-up interface which asks you to choose files type as below. You need to select the ones you need to recover and click “Next” to move on the step. 
scan contacts

After clicking on "Next" button, the window, which appears, offers you two scanning modes: Standard and Advanced. It is highly recommended to go for "Scan for deleted files" in Standard Mode. After this, click on "Next" to go ahead with the scanning process.

Step 3 Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Devices

During the scan process, if you find your required contacts, click on "pause" to stop the process. After this, check for the contacts, you need to recover, and then click on the "Recover" button at the bottom. In the new pop-up window, choose the folder in which you want to save the recovered contacts.

restore phone number from phone memory

Now, get the full version from below icons if needed:

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Where Can You Store the Contacts on Your Mobile?

When you got a new contact, to store it, there are some options for you to save the phone number on phone memory, SIM card or Google account. Let’s see how to add a new contact:

1. Launch Contacts app on your Android phone;
2. Tap "add contact" button;
3. On some Android models, SIM card is the default location for contacts. Tap SIM card and choose the location you want from the drop-down list.
store contacts

If you originally save some contacts on SIM card and now you want to move these contacts to phone memory or Google account, you may import contacts from SIM card to device storage.

On Contacts app, tap "More" > "Settings" > "Import/Export contacts" > "Import" > "Import contacts from SIM card" > "Save contacts to device/Google/other account".
recover lost phone number

Besides, you can also export contacts from device storage to selected storage location. 

Note: In this tutorial, we use Samsung Galaxy S7 as an example. Other Android models have different operations to add or import contacts.

For now, you have learned about how to restore lost phone number from phone memory. To avoid losing again, it is necessary to backup the data from time to time frequency. 

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