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How to Recover Deleted Messages from Android

Dec. 8, 2016
Do you have these moments when a single mistaken tap results in deletion of a life's worth of text messages? To be a victim of such misplaced taps is very painful. However, is there a way to recover deleted messages from android? Android devices have been setting for keeping a record of the deleted data as well. Which data can be back by using android recovery if the data has not been overwritten. There are many apps on the markets for you to solve the issues, some of which are free, others paid.

Also, many desktop applications are being showed when you do the searching on Google to look for the Android message recovery software . What you should know is not all the software is suitable to your issues. You should think twice base on your situation when making the decision. We suggest you to see the reviews from other users. And do some background search. Actually, Renew-Android Message Recovery is a good one for you. 

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Download the free version to have a try first.
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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android

Speaking of reliable data recovery softwares, Android Data Recovery is one of a kind, all in one data recover software that enables user to recover any kind of deleted data almost instantly. It can be used to recover deleted text messages, photos, documents, contacts and much more. It does not require the users to engage in a lot of technicalities or take a lot of time out of their routine. It merely asks for a click and then takes care of all the data recovery process itself. Wondershare Dr. fone for Android is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover, it offers support for over 2000 Android device models.

Step 1.Connect your Android phone
Step 2.Enable USB debugging on Android device
Step 3.Analyze your Android phone
Step 4.Scan and recover deleted SMS on Android

 Step 1.Connect your Android phone

First of all, download and install the Android text recovery tool on your computer. It's not an app it's a desktop tool. Connect your Android phone to the computer.

conenct your device

Step 2.Enable USB debugging on Android device

Make sure you've enabled USB debugging.

usb debugging

Step 3. Analyze your Android phone

After setting the USB debugging, reconnect your phone if it asked you to disconnect it during the setting. Then you'll get the window below. Here you need to make sure your phone's battery is not less than 20% charged, and then you can click "Start" to let the program analyze your Android phone. 
analyse android device

 Step 4.Scan and recover deleted SMS on Android
After analyzing your Android, you can begin to scan it now. Before doing it, turn to the home screen of your phone and click "Allow" on it. Then back to the program on your computer and click "Start" to begin scanning. When the scan is over, all recoverable messages, contacts, photos and video on your Android will be found and displayed in the scan result. You can preview every message, including SMS and WhatsApp chat history. Check the deleted messages you need and export them to your computer by clicking "Recover".

recover android data

Remember to backup the Messages time to time. Thus, you can easily and fast to recover your Android data and no need to worry about losing precious photos and videos on your Android. What’s more, you can also recover file from Android SD card, Android Data Recovery also lets you to do so.


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