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Efficiently to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Internal Storage?

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“How can I recover deleted photos Android internal storage? Woke up one morning and all my photos under the default camera folder in gallery were gone! All that was left were the photos in the subfolders i created to sort the pics. Im using Samsung galaxy s5 and its not rooted. I dont have an external sd card, everything was saved to internal memory. Is there anything I can do to recover these photos from Android phone memory without rooting? I'm extremely desperate for the pics lost were of my deceased granny. Please help...”

If you also want to recover the lost photos from Android phone internal memory without rooting, then this post will tell you. What’s more, you can also get the solution of with rooting. Come and see how it works.

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Part 1: Why the Deleted Photos on Internal Memory Can Be Restored?
Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Internal Memory without Root?
Part 3: How to Recover Photos from Android Phone Memory with Root?
Part 4: Where are Photos Stored on Android Smart Phone?

Part 1: Why the Deleted Photos on Internal Memory Can Be Restored?

You may feel confused why the deleted files can be recovered after you wrongly deleted. When your data is wrongly deleted, the binary numbers( which for making up your data) are broken and scattered on your internal storage. But they are still stored on your phone if they haven’t been overwritten. Then the data recovery software will help to recompiled to make up again.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Internal Memory without Root?

Android Data Recovery allows you to recover photos from internal storage without rooting, just need a few simple steps. Come and have a try the free trail version first!

photos recovery for win photos recovery for mac

Step 1. Download and Install Phone Memory Recovery Tool 

Install and launch dr.fone toolkit for Android on the computer, and choose “Data Recovery “ option to continue.
recover deleted photos from internal storage on Samsung S5

Then Link Your Android phone to PC by using a USB cable. Please make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Android phone.
USB debugging

If your Android os version is 4.2.2 or above, there will be a pop up message on your Android phone, tap on OK to enable USB debugging.

Step 2. Check the Files Types to Scan

If well connected, Android internal recovery tool will show you all the files types it supports for recovery. 
If you want to recover photos from android internal memory, then tick the box in the front of “Gallery” in the window. And click “Next” to continue.
how to recover deleted videos from android internal memory

Step 3. Scan Your Android for Loss Data from Internal Storage

There are "Standard Mode" or the "Advanced Mode" models. You can read the description and choose the one your need to go on. We recommend you to try "Standard Mode" first, which works faster. If it doesn't find the files you are looking for, you can then try "Advanced Mode".
Now, click "Start" to begin analyzing and scanning your device.
scan type
Now, dr.fone toolkit for Android is scanning your Android phone to recover deleted photos. It will take a few minutes. Just be patient. Precious things are always worth of waiting for.

Note: There might be a Superuser authorization shows on your Android during the scan process. If see it, just click "Allow" to go on. If not, forget this note.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Deleted Photos on Android Internal Memory

When the data scan is done, you can preview the found data one by one. Check the ones you want and click "Recover" to store them on your PC.

recover images from phone internal storage

Part 3: How to Recover Photos from Android Phone Memory with Root?

If your phone have been rooted and you want to know the way to retrieve deleted photos from phone memory. Follow the steps as below and then you will know. 

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1. First, go to Google Play Store and download the app: DiskDigger undelete (root). 

2. Open DiskDigger and select the partition (internal memory) where the photos or videos were stored: 
get back pictures from store space

Choose the type of files you need to restore: JPG (photos), PNG (images). Hit on OK and wait the finish of scan for deleted files: 

Once the scan is finished, DiskDigger shows a list of files which can be get back, click on the Save button, which is a small diskette icon on the top right corner , and then select Save selected files locally: 

Select a location (folder) to save the images and tap on OK.

Part 4: Where are Photos Stored on Android Smart Phone?

You might also want to clear the places where the photos are saved. The pictures come from difference ways will be stored in difference places. Come and see where the pictures is stored.
1. Pictures Taken by Camera
You can find the photos which taken by pre-install camera were saved in DCIM (Digital Camera Images) folder.

2. Photos Taken with Camera APP or Sreenshot
Images taken by 3rd-part camera app are stored in the app folder. For the screenshot, you will find them in the Pictures/Screenshot folder.

3. Pictures Transferred to SD Card

Most people like to expand the internal memory storage via SD card. Pictures moved from phone or computer to the SD card will be kept in Card/DCIM/Camera normally.

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