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How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Smartphone?

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“So my dumbass thought that I backed my videos up on my computer (turns out that I didn't) . I realized that some were saved internal and some on sd card. So i moved them. For some reason 45 vids did not transfer and just say 0mb. Any way to recover deleted videos Android? Thanks.”

If you also need to solve this issue, you have find the right place. This post will tell you how to recover deleted videos from Android easily and safely.

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Part 1: Why the Deleted Videos Can Be Retrieved from Android?
Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android without Root?
Part 3: Where Is the Video Stored on Android Devices?

Part 1: Why the Deleted Videos Can Be Retrieved from Android?

Many users feel confused that why the videos on Android can be recovered by the third-party software after deleting. It is not like the situation that you delete the files on the desktop on PC, but you can get the file back by yourself from recycle bin. On Android phone, the deleted data can’t be shown on the device any more if you deleted them.

So why we can recover the deleted data from Android phone even people can’t find out where the deleted files are? Actually, when you delete the files, such as videos, the videos files traces (like 1000101100011 = your videos when it is combined) are broken and it's scattered. That is, The binary numbers that make up your data are broken and scattered on your internal storage. But they are not completely being wiped out from Android. And they can be recompiled to make up again by using video recovery tool if there is no over-written.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android without Root?

Android Video Recovery software, also called Android Data Recovery, will help you to get back deleted videos with just a few simple steps. It is very convenient and safely, and it can also recover other files like messages, photos, contacts and more. You can use it to recover videos from phone memory or SD card.

Why not try the free version first:
video recovery for win video recovery for mac

Steps to Retrieve Deleted Videos

1.On RenewAndroid, download and install this video recovery tool to PC. Double click to launch it and you will see the window as below.
recover deleted videos from phone memory

2.Connect your Android device to your computer by using an proper USB cable. If you haven’t enabled the USB debugging, click to know how to enable USB debugging on Android.
recover my deleted videos

3.Once the well connection, this video recovery software will detect your Android phone automatically. Once the scan finish, you will get the window as below.

how to recover deleted videos from android

4. In this step, choose the video files type and go on. Since the software will select all the files by default. You can uncheck other files type and keep the videos. And click “Next” to continue.
how to recover deleted videos on android

5. In this window, click the box next to the videos in the left column. And then you can preview and choose the videos you want to recover and tap “Recover” button to move on.

Part 3: Where Is the Video Stored on Android Devices?

How can you find where are the downloaded and saved videos in your android phones? Actually, It is very easy to find by being familiar with you own Android phone. There are two types of storage in your device, one is the phone internal storage and the second one is the SD card storage. Go on reading and you will find where your videos are supposed to directly be saved.

1. Open the setting app on your Android. 
android video recovery tool

2. Find out the Device storage or File manager
how to recover videos from android phone

3. Check the Phone storage and the SD card storage.
recover lost videos

4. Look where sample videos are stored.

Normally, videos will be saved on your photo gallery if you want to browse through your phone. If but you want to transfer videos from android to PC, check the setting first.

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