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How to Fix Galaxy S7 Black Screen Issue and Recover Data

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“I have my S7 for 4 days. Everything have been fine until this morning, when the screen went black and won’t be turn on. But the device is cool to the touch, the speaker worked, I could heard beeps while hitting some buttons, the bottom buttons would occasionally light up, and the phone would sound off when I called myself. Clearly to me is the phone was still operating, it was just the screen turns black.”

Many Samsung galaxy users may meet this galaxy s7 black screen problem, if you also want to solve this issue, then follow this post, we will show you how.

Part 1: Why Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Went Black?
Part 2: How to Recover Galaxy S7 Data from Broken Screen
Part 3: Way to Fix Galaxy S7 Black Screen

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Part 1: Why Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Went Black?

For the issue of Galaxy s7 black screen of death, we can analyze it from two aspects. Hardware and software. 

Hardware: Not always, but sometimes due to the wear and tear of the phone might hamper the Screen. Also, some severe physical damages may be another reason why the screen has turned Black. Sometimes due to the low battery power, the screen may go off Black as well.

Software: Sometimes, the glitches found in software may cause the phone screen black.

Before solving the broken screen issue, you can recover the data from Samsung by using recovery tool if found the data loss.

Part 2: How to Recover Galaxy S7 Data from Broken Screen

Android Data Extraction allows you to recover data from broken screen Samsung galaxy s7. Safely and easily, you can get your precious data like contacts, messages, photos, videos, call history and more. Most of Android devices are supported. You can have a try the free trial version first.


Step 1 Download and Install the Software to PC 

Start the software after installation. You will see a interface, find and choose "Recover data from broken phone" option to move on.
Galaxy s7 screen black

Step 2  Select the Files Types to Scan

In this step, you will need to choose the files you want to recover. If want all, you can click “Select All” on the top of left window. Then hit “Next” to go on.
Galaxy s7 edge black screen

Step 3 Choose Type of Galaxy S7 Broken Screen 

Here, you need to tell the software what kinds of screen issue you have met. There are two option for you, one is “Touch doesn’t work or cannot access the phone”, the other is “Black/Broken Screen”. Select the latter.

Galaxy s7 black screen blue light


Step 4  Select the Model of Black Screen Samsung S7 

In the next window, the software need you to tell it what kinds of model for your phone. Firstly, click on the arrow to choose “Device Name”, and then select the “Device Model”. After that, hit the “Next” button to move on.
Galaxy s7 black screen fix

Step 5  Enter S7 into Download Mode

Follow the instructions as the window shown and enter the device to “Download Mode”. Once finishing, connect Samsung S7 to PC via USB Cable.
Samsung galaxy s7 black screen

Step 6 Analyze the Samsung S7

Android Data Extraction will begin an analysis of your galaxy s7 device and downloading the recovery package.
Galaxy s7 screen black

Step 7 Scan the Samsung S7 for the Data

After the recovery package downloaded, the program will start to scan the files stored on your Samsung phone.
recover data from samsung

Step 8  Recover the Data on Your S7 Phone

As you can see the window as below, the files will be displayed in the interface. You can preview them by click the files types on the left column. And check the files you need to recover, then click on “Recover” to start the process.
samsung galaxy s7

Part 3: Way to Fix Galaxy S7 Black Screen

Step1: Press and hold the button Volume down & Power
black screen of s7

Step2: Then Samsung phone will go into a boot-up prompt
Step3: click the volume up button to reach “Normal Boot” option

Step4: Use Home key to choose it, then your S7 will booted up without hassle.

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