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How to Print Text Messages from Samsung

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We got many questions about how to print text messages from Samsung galaxy s4/s6/note 4. Some people might want to leave an evidence of their husband’s or wife’s cheating, maybe they just want to know the situation of their children. No matter what they refer to, the same question is how to print text messages from Android. In this post, we will show you how to solve this issue.

Where is the SMS Stored on Your Phone?

We all know that the phone external memory card and phone internal memory to store the files. Some people may think that the text messages are stored on the SD card, actually, the external SD card is the space for multi-media data. While the internal memory is for the text memory storage. The internal storage space is limited, so sometime you need to deleted some old files for adding the new one. If you cherish the messages so much and don’t want to deleted them, you can try to print text messages from Android via some third party software. Just two main process you will need, firstly, you can transfer SMS from Android to PC by using Android Data Recovery. Secondly, use Android Manager to print text messages from Android. Here we go!

Part 1. Exporting Text Messages to PC with Android Data Recovery

This recovery tool allows you to copy files from Android to PC with simple steps. Both Android  and iOS devices are supported, if your phone is Samsung, then this tool is the best choice. Below icons for free download the exporting sms software.

download win     download mac

Follow the steps given below:

1.Click the icon, download and install Android Data Recovery on your PC, then use suitable USB to connect your Samsung Phone to PC.
connect to pc

2.If your Samsung phone is the first time to connect to PC, then USB debugging is required on your device. See the window as below:  
usb debugging

3.Once your device is detected by Software, choose the file type to export, here you should select "Messaging". And then click the “Next” to move on.

choose files type

4. After the scanning is complete, click to select the Messages category on the left column. From the displayed messages in the right pane, check the check boxes at the front of the one the you want to get printed. Finish the checking, turn to click “Recover” to copy the file to PC.
copy files to pc

On the next box, click Recover to export the selected messages to the default folder.
Note: Optionally, you can click the Browse button and select a different folder to export the messages to.

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Part 2. Printing the Text Messages from Samsung

Now let's start to know about how to get a print out of text messages. After the files are exported to your PC, you can begin the printing text messages step. In this part, you can use Android Manager(MobileGo)to help you manage the files on computer. And have you messages printed. 

android manager
If you don’t want to use MobileGo, you can find location of messages that you have stored, and then open it with CSV folder if you have MS Excel installed on your PC.
ms excel

On the opened MS Excel interface, adjust the cells of the spreadsheet to accommodate and fit the contents as needed. Click File from the top.

In the pop-up window, you are allow to set the printing, like setting the number of copies you want to have printed. Click Print when done.
Note: You may need to adjust print selection area or make other changes as needed to get the correct printouts.

Just need two main parts to get your messages printed, why not come and have a try.  Android Data Recovery is the best choice for exporting your data from Android to PC. Android Manager is better for manage the data on PC, but you can also finish the printing without it. It is up to you. Hope above tips will help you to solve your issue perfect.


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