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Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Samsung Galaxy

--Rachel Green Feb. 4, 2017

Many people like to use Whatsapp as their communicate tool on the Smartphones. This application make people feel convenient to get the information from each other. For example, it allows you to send and receive photos, audio files, messages and more info. easily and fast. What if some people wrongly delete the data, such as Whatsapp history? What will you do?

Here I’d like to introduce and awesome software, Samsung Data Recovery to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/Note5/A9/A8/A7. This tool will also help you to have contacts, SMS, photos, videos and WhatsApp messages and attachment back on Samsung. Then let’s me show you how.

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Guide to Restore WhatsApp on Samsung Smartphone

Step 1. Connect your Samsung to Computer
Step 2. Enable USB Debbuging
Step 3. Detect and Preview your Phone Data
Step 4. Start Samsung WhatsApp Messages Recovery

Step 1. Connect your Samsung to Computer

Once finishing the downloading and installation, launch the software at first. Then you will get the interface below ask you to connect the Samsung to PC, please follow it and let Samsung connect to the computer.
connect to pc

Step 2. Enable USB Debbuging 

There are three different methods to set USB debugging in your phone, but here Android 4.2 or later can be handled as below:
Go to "Settings" option for entering "About Phone" Then, tap "Build number" for 7 times until getting a note "You are under developer mode"/"You are now a developer". Next, go back to "Settings" and click "Developer options" to check "USB debugging" on your device.
usb debugging

Step 3. Detect and Preview your Phone Data

After the USB debugging, your Samsung phone will be automatically detected. And you will get the interface below once the detection done. Then please select "WhatsApp messages & attachments" to enable Samsung Data Recovery to scan detail of WhatsApp on your Galaxy S7/S6/A9/A7/A5.
detect phone data
Note: If the program breaks of the present, you can press "Allow" on Galaxy. Then scanning will continue.
choose allow
Step 4. Start Samsung WhatsApp Messages Recovery  For this step, you can see the picture below, which shows all the data on your Samsung phone, And WhatsApp is the third option of the data list, select it, you will see all the existed and deleted WhatsApp chat history. Finally, tick what you want to get back and click "Recover". Actually, you can also choose other data in the left column to recover, for example, recover deleted call log on Samsung.
samsung message recovery
Above steps help you to get the messages back after losing. But I think it is better to do backup for Samsung phone from time to time for protecting the files. Come and have a try.


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