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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Screen Issue?

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“Hi, I dropped my Galaxy S4 to a floor, not tool high, just less than three feet. Now the screen is black and doesn’t work at all. There is no damage apparent, no bright pixels, just dead screen. Even though the screen is black, the phone is on. I can hear the rings but can’t answer it. Does anyone know if I could fix it without sending it off to Samsung or a repair place? Thanks in advance.”

Many Samsung users turn to us for this Samsung Galaxy S4 black screen issue, so we will post our solutions to it in this post. If you also meet the similar situation, hope this article can help you.

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How to Recover Data from Black Screen Samsung S4 in Steps
How to Fix Galaxy S4 Turns on but Black Screen?

How to Recover Data from Black Screen Samsung S4 in Steps

Once found black screen occurs to your Samsung Galaxy S4, besides fixing it, the most important thing need to do first is to extract/recover the phone data. Here, we recommend you to get the help of Android Data Extraction, this is a well designed software for broken/black screen Samsung devices. With it, you can recover the files like SMS, photos, call history, photos, WhatsApp messages/documents and so on. We use recover SMS as a example in this post.

Before we can discuss there are few things required:
1.USB cable to connect phone to the computer
2.Computer, Mac or Windows
3. Android Data Extraction installed on computer

To begin with, install and run the program on your computer, and then the main window will show as follows.

Step 1. Connect your broken Samsung S4 phone to the computer

After you launch dr.fone, choose "Android Broken Data Recovery". Then choose the file type "Messages" click on "Start" at the buttom of the program.
samsung galaxy s4 black screen

Step 2. Choose the fault type of your device

After you select the file types,you need to choose the fault type of your phone. Choose "Black/broken screen",then it will lead you to the next step.
samsung black screen

Step 3. Select the device model

Then you will select the device model of yours Samsung,please make sure choose the right "Device Name" and "Device Model".Then click "Next".
samsung note 4 black screen of death

Step 4. Enter Download Mode on the Android Phone

Now, just follow the guide on the program to get the Android phone into the Download Mode.
choose device mode

Step 5. Analyze the Android Phone

Then please connect your Android phone to the computer. dr.fone will analyze your phone automatically.
enter recovery mode

Step 6. Preview and Recover the Messages from Broken Samsung Phone

After the analysis and scanning is completed, dr.fone will display all the file types by categories. Then select the files type "Messaging" to preview. Hit "Recover" to save all the messages data you need.

recover data from black screen s4

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How to Fix Galaxy S4 Turns on but Black Screen?

Solution 1: Removing the Battery from the Galaxy S4 and Insert it Again
Turn off your Galaxy s4 and take out the battery from the phone.
Continuously hold the power key for about 2 minutes.
Leave the phone for 5-6 minutes. After that, insert battery & switch on the phone.
And you may see the black screen might fixed.
If still, you are facing the problem even after following above steps, then go ahead with the next trick.

Solution 2: Providing the Heat to the Device Using the Blower
Switch off your Galaxy S4 mobile, take out SIM card, battery and SD card from it.
Then, get a screwdriver as per the size of your device’s screws. Open all the screws of the mobile carefully. And put it in a safe place. You might damage your device if you don’t follow steps without care.
When all screws are done lift, you can see the back case up.
Now, carefully remove the strips that are attached to the board. Remove all the strips with a tremendous amount of care, because the sometimes the Negligence will result into bad.
After removing all strips, then take the board and place it on the clean surface.
Get a blower to give heat to the board.
Then place the board back and attach all the strips and place the back case back as it was before.
Switch on your device. Now, check that the black screen issue is solved.

So, above mentioned both the processes would surely help you to fix the Galaxy S4 Black Screen issue. If your device has any problem and you don’t find it’s fix anywhere, feel free to share your problem with us in the comments. We will try to fix your problem in our upcoming articles and videos.

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