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How to Recover Deleted Messages from Samsung Galaxy S5 Black Screen

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Samsung galaxy S5 released with its features not usually found in other smartphones. Powerful as it may be though, nothing is perfect, the Samsung Galaxy S5 users also got its annoying problems with the galaxy s5, that is Samsung galaxy S5 black screen.

The situation is when the screen of the Samsung goes completely black and becomes unresponsive, but the buttons of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still light up, the screen stays blank and the phone does not wake up.

Some people may go to the Samsung store for changing the device for this issue, but this method will cost you more time and energy. If there is a method for you to fix your black screen of death, would you like to try? First, we suggest you to protect the data first. Here recommend you to use Android Data Recovery tool.

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Free trail version for downloading:

download win   download mac

Steps to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy S5 Black Screen Phone

What to prepare: Suitable USB cable, Your Android Phone, A computer, Android Data Recovery

Step 1: install and start the software on PC, after that, you will get a main interface, and choose “Android Data Extraction(Damage device)” option to move on. Then you will be asked to connect your device to PC like below.
install and start

Step 2. Finish the step of connecting your Black Screen Samsung phone to PC, turn to select the file type, here you can choose “messages” to go on, and click the “next”.

choose file type
Step 3. After you choose the data type, it is turn to choose the fault type of your device, here choose "Black/broken screen" on the right to move on to next step.
choose fault type

Step 4. Choose the device model is needed in this step. please make sure choose the right "Device Name" and "Device Model".Then click "Next".
phone type

Step 5. Enter Download Mode on the Samsung Phone. Now, just follow the guide on the program to get the Android phone into the Download Mode.
enter download mode

Step 6. Analyze the Android Phone. Then please connect your Android phone to the computer. dr.fone will analyze your phone automatically.
analyze android

Step 7. When the analysis and scanning is completed, will display all the file types by categories. Then select the files type "Messaging" to preview. Hit "Recover" to save all the messages data you need.

recover messages


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