Best Way to Transfer Pictures from Android to PC?

Rachel Carrie March 21, 2017

Besides copying files directly to the computer, do you have a faster way to transfer photos from Android to PC? Especial for the large amount of photos. When transferring the large quantity photos, it is annoying to find the folders and import pictures one by one. What's worse, it is a waste of time to transfer so many. Basically there are two methods to do this with tools, which will save you a lot of time. Wi-Fi and USB transportation are to be explained in the parts below. And of course, they are all of their own advantages and limits, which you will see in the end of this article. Now let's see how to transfer pictures from Android to computer.

Part 1. Transfer Photos from Android to PC with Android Manager
Part 2. Wi-Fi Transferring with WiFi File Transfer

Part 1. Transfer Photos from Android to Computer with Android Manager

The goods of this Android Manager are listed as below:
1. Android Manager supports not only Windows OS but also Mac.
2. Android phones carry OS from Android 2.0 to Android 7.0 are all supported by this program.
3. It can help you transfer more than 7 kinds of contents including photos.
4. With simply one click, you can selectively copy pictures between your Android and computer within little time.   
5. Able to transfer Android gallery to PC.

Now, let’s see how to use Android Manager to save data. Click to download the free version device mananger and have a try.

    download win version        download mac

Step 1. Set Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Up
Install and run device of Android Manager to select "Android". Then, you will be required to connect your Samsung to the computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi can only be used for Windows version). Once your Android phone is detected by the program, all the data that stored in your Android phone can be shown in categories in the primary interface.
android phone

Note: Any phone brand that runs Android OS is well compatible to this excellent software, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, and so forth.

Step2. Start move Photos from Android device to Computer

In the left bar of the interface, you can see your Samsung data divided into several catalogues like Apps, Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, SMS and so on. To see the detail information of your photos, you can click the drop-down menu next to the Photo category. Then, you can preview the photos not only stored in Camera, but also Screenshots list. Choose the pictures that you want to move into your computer, then, click "Export" > "Export to My Computer" to start transferring. The program will copy pictures off an android phone and transfer them to your PC. A pop-up window will show you how far the process goes.

export to my compuler

Part 2. Wi-Fi Transferring with WiFi File Transfer

Wi-Fi File Transfer is a great app that you can get on Google play. Rated 4.1 by over 30,000 users. Click on the link to download the package.

Advantages of WiFi File Transfer:
1.No need for USB cables
2.Simple interface and operation

Step 1. Set Up the App
Usually you can just leave the settings and click on the “Start” button directly. But if the network is public, please make sure that a password is set for safety issues. You can use the feature “Access Password”.
wifi file
Step 2. Copy Photos to Computer
After you press the button “Start”, there will be a pop-up window showing the IP address. You need to go to the computer and enter it into the web browser. And this is how you begin to transfer the data.

It is obviously that Android Manager is of better features. Copying files via Wi-Fi is not stable enough and slower than using USB cables. You might have a copy of the cracked images without knowing it. Plus, Android manager can also make use of the network if needed. To explore more, you can download Android Manager and try it by yourself. With this software, you can also download photos from android to computer and upload pictures from android to computer. Samsung Photos, as well as contacts, text messages, call logs, videos, music and apps are transferrable if you try this awesome software.

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