Android Contact Transfer: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Easily?

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If you get a new phone, such as HTC , Samsung Galaxy, or Motorola etc., the first thing you need to do is switching your contact over. It is very annoying and takes much more time if you do it manually. Thankfully, you are in today’s technical world, it will be very convenient and safe if you choosing the right tool. In this article, we will collect several methods about how to transfer contacts from Android to Android. Let’s go and learn more!

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Method 1: Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct
Method 2. Transfer Contacts via Android Contact Transfer Tool
Method 3. Transfer Contacts from Backup Files

Method 1: Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct

To move contacts from between Android phones via Bluetooth, please keep the two android devices’ Bluetooth on and visible. For copying contacts from Android to Android by using Wi-Fi Direct, you should ensure that the Wi-Fi Direct is enabled on two Android phones.

1. Go to Contacts app, and open it on your Android device, after that tap on the Menu button at the bottom-left.

2. Click to “Import/Export” > “Share namecard via”, then choose the contacts one by one you need to copy. To save time, you can tap on “Select all” to transfer all your contacts from old Android.

3. Via Bluetooth: Find the “Bluetooth” icon and tap on it, and select the target device that for sending the contacts. For now, turn to the receiving device to accept the Bluetooth authorization request.

Via Wi-Fi Direct: Tap on “Wi-Fi Direct” and select the device to which you want to copy the contacts. Then on the receiving device, grant the permission for Wi-Fi Direct connection.
bluetooth and wifi-direct

Method 2. Transfer Contacts via Android Contact Transfer Tool

Step 1. Install the Contact Transfer Software

Please install Android Contact Transfer to your PC. Start it, once you get the window as below, click the “Phone to Phone Transfer” option to move on.
contact transfer tool interface

Step 2. Connect both Android Devices to the Computer

Note: Before starting contacts transferring, please make sure both of your Android phones’ battery level is no less than 20% to keep the process successfully.
Connect both Android devices to PC via their suitable USB cables. If connect successfully, the phones will be display on the window of the software like below. Also make sure that the phones are in the right places, which is the source one, and which is the destination one. If not, you can click the "Flip" button to switch their places. 
connect both android phone

Step 3. Copy Contacts from One Android to Another

OK, now please select the contents you want to transfer in the middle column, for “Contacts”, just check the box in front on it and click "Start Copy" to transfer photos from Android to Android. 

how to copy contacts from android to android

It may take you a while if your files is large, please be patience and wait for the finishing. Above the 3 steps, you will get the contacts files transferring well from old Android to a New one. 

Method 3. Transfer Contacts from Backup Files

Actually, you can also use via computer to help you transfer the contacts data. Getting the help of third-party tool Android Manager, this tool allow you to manager your phone files on computer and transfer contacts from Android to computer. Then move the backup files to your destination Android phone.

For now, have you know about the solutions of how to transfer contacts between Android phones?From the three methods above, I think the second method which is using Android Contact Transfer tool to copy contacts is the best choice because of its safe and convenient. If you have a lots contacts to move, this one will help you safe the time as well. 

I hope that you can get the help of this post. if you have others suggestions or tips, please feel free to contacts us, we will update it for telling more users. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!


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