How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone via Easy Methods?

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Recently, we got many questions from Android users, most of them are about how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 7? In the olden days, you need to switch the files from one device to another by manually typing. But in today’s technical world, technology can do most of the work for us, which includes transferring contacts between different devices. If you also have this question, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will collect several good ways for you to move contacts files from iOS to Android phone. Let’s keep reading and learn more.

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How to transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 7: Via Swapping SIMs

This method works only when your Android phone SIM is suitable for your iPhone device. Actually, you can also cut down the SIM to fit, but remember to do if only when the SIM is OK to cut, if you get it wrong, you will have your files gone forever.
transfer contacts from android to ios

To transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 7 via SIM, the first thing is to save all the contacts files to SIM card, then insert the SIM card to your iPhone device and copy the contacts. Follow the steps below to move on.

On your Android: Launch the contacts app>click on the menu icon(three dots)>select “import/export”> tap import from SIM card
transferring contacts to iPhone

Get out of the Android SIM card and insert it to iPhone, in this step, please note that the card is inserted with the right way.

Once the SIM card insert on your iPhone: Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Choose Import SIM Contacts
This process will take you a few minutes, all depends on how large your files are. After done, go to the stock Phone app and hover to the Contacts tab to see the result.

How to transfer Contact from Android to iPhone 7: Via Move to iOS App

Move to iOS is an App which released by Apple and you can find it on Google Play store. This App allows you to move files from Android to iOS, including contacts, messages, photos, applications and other more files. 

1. Go to your Google Play Store
2. Search and install Move to iOS
3. Launch the application
4. Put the iPhone device that want to move data next to your Android device
5. On your iPhone, enter the private Wi-Fi Network credentials
4. Back to your Android phone, select the type of data, here select contacts

If successful, you will see a screen with the text “Transfer Complete. Your data has been copied to your new iPhone or iPad…”

android move to iOS

Transferring Contacts from Android to iPhone 7: Via iCloud

Backup Contacts to iCloud:
You can also use iCloud to migrate your contacts from Android to iPhone with iCloud. Firstly, you need to backup contacts to iCloud as well. This step is simple and convenient, you can easily finish it. You can also check iCloud Backup to learn the clear steps.

Download Contacts Data to PC:
Then turn to a PC, and sign into your iCloud, find contacts and click it. You will get a pop-up next window, select all contacts data by hit CTRL+A, Afterward, click the gear icon at the bottom of the page and click Export vCard. Once the ensuing window opens, select all of your contacts again with CTRL+A and right-click on any contact. Choose Export vCard, name the vCard, and choose your desired save location.

Move Contacts to iOS device:
After your contacts have been download as a VCF file, you can choose to Email to yourself or import to Google. Then set up your email account and import the vCard from your email to upload all the contacts. We recommend saving the Email containing the vCard, because it now serves as a cloud-based backup of all your contacts. Actually, you can also save them to your desktop, just in case your phone meets with an untimely accident.
icloud contacts to iphone

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How to transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone: Via Android Contacts Transfer

If above methods can’t satisfy you to copy contacts files from Android to iOS, you can turn to Android Contact Transfer(Phone Transfer). This program is a powerful and safe one which can transfer large amount of contacts files from Android to iPhone in very short time.
Most of the phone devices are supported, like Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Note, Motorola Moto X, etc. and for all iPhone devices (iPhone 7, 7 Plus, SE, 6S, 5S, 4S, 3GS, etc) which running iOS 10 or earlier.
Besides, Android Contacts Transfer can not only transfer contacts, but also other files like photos, messages, call logs, videos etc. from Android to iPhone.

Steps to Transfer contacts from Android to iOS

Step 1. First install Android Contact Transfer to the computer. Launch it and you will get the window as below, click the “Phone to Phone Transfer” model to go on.
android contact transfer

Step 2. In the pop-up window, connect your Android and iOS to PC via suitable USB cable. Please make sure that the Android phone in the Source place and the iPhone in the Destination place. If not, click the Flip(in the middle)to switch.
how to transfer contacts with trasfer tool

Step 3. In this step, select the contents you want to transfer from the middle column, here choose “Contacts”, then click "Start Copy" to transfer contact from iPhone to Android. 
start transferring contacts from android to iphone

If files are large, it will take a few moments to move all the contacts to iOS device, just be patient and wait for all the files transferring finishing.

You can Click the icons below and free download the trail version and have a try first. You will love it once you try.

download win  download mac

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