MicroSD Card Failed to Be Detected by Android

We all know that on the Android phone, external memory and internal memory working together can let your phone with higher availability. Although most of the space of internal memory of smartphone have improved to be 16GB, many users also feel it is not so enough. Because they have more stuff to restore. What’s more, pre-installed apps always take up part of the phone memory. That is to say, SD card is still what people need so Samsung Galaxy S7 also supports the external card with expanding storage by about 200GB. Nevertheless, should that happen, the MicroSD Card cannot be recognized by the Android device. How comes? 

Actually, there are many users complained about such issues with us, so here we provide the following tips to handle them for you. 

Part 1. Troubleshooting for Detecting SD Card

Solution 1: Make Your SD Card Clean
Solution 2: Erase Your MicroSD Card
Solution 3: Diagnose Your Card with Computer
Solution 4: Get Card Formatted

Solution 1: Make Your SD Card Clean

This tip is very suitable for the users whose SD card has dirt to cover. Follow the steps below:
1. Remember to Power off the phone and then take the card off the device.
2. Find a clean eraser to rub the copper part on your MicroSD card but please be careful to do this.
3. Insert it back to the card slot and turn the Android phone on after you get it clean enough.  

Diagnose Your Card

Solution 2: Erase Your MicroSD Card

If the Solution 1 is not enough for solving your case, you can try this one which is workable for most cases. Detailed Steps:
1.Tap "Settings" app on the homepage on your Android device.
2.Move to "Storage" and turn to "Erase SD card".
3.Then click the option to remove all data on your external card.
Tips: If those data on the card, it is suggested that you should do a backup before operating this method. You can Phone to Phone transfer by using Phone Transfer tool. 

Solution 3: Diagnose Your Card with Computer

In this case, you need to use the computer to check your SD card at first. So, you need to prepare the stuff: the SD card, card reader, a computer.
1. Connect your mobile phone to PC by using USB cable.
2. Tick MSC (Mass storage mode), not MTP to move forward.
3. Open the Windows Explore and you will see there is a driver named external memory or SD card. Just use your mouse and right click on it. Then, hit "Properties" > "Tools" > "Error Checking".
4. As the checking process is done, eject your SD card from the device. Next, please get it back to the card slot on your phone and check whether it works.
Tips: If your device is in certain crashed status or the phone is stuck into connecting step, please use the card reader to fix. Insert the card into card reader and connect it to PC so that you can continue step 3 to go on checking.
Make Your SD Card Clean

Solution 4: Get Card Formatted

This is another tip difference from above. And also the last one for you to solve not deleted on Android.
1. Back up those data on the external SD card via drag-and-drop or the third-party app. Part 2 will illustrate in details.
2. Format this external SD card by inserting it to PC or phone.
3. Wait for some time until it finishes. 
4. Insert the card to the device and check whether it can be recognized.

Tip: If the process above doesn't work, re-try the steps please. Once the card is detected successfully, do not forget to restore the backup files.
Such four solutions can work out most similar case but the success rate depends on the phone model and some hardware problem. 

After got the solutions for detecting the MicroSD card, we should pay attention to its data and know the way to backup. Actually, you can use Phone Transfer tool to help you do the backup.


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