iCloud on Android: Transfer iCloud Photos to Samsung with One Click

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iCloud is a service from Apple to help people sync and store the data of phones. Since it is an Apple product, most of people may default that it is only used for Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod ouch and Mac computer. Actually it can also be used for Android device if you choose the right method. We will show you how to use iCloud on Android.

How to Access iCloud on Android

As we all know that iCloud service doesn’t run natively on Android, but some workarounds make thing happen. Let’s go on and see.

Find the iCloud Server Hosts for Your Account

On your phone, go to calendar and access>click sharing icons>choose “Public Calendar” option>get the link like: webcal://>pXX is the server number, it can be p01,p02 and so on. Remember it because you will need it later.

Set up Your Email

On your Android phone, turn to regular Email client and add a new IMAP account. The user name is your Apple ID, and the password is the same to your iCloud. What counts is used for server. PXX is the number we got from the front.

Sync calendars and Contacts

Find out weather your phone supports CalDAV protocols and CardDAV. If not, you can download the apps like Caldav Sync Free Beta and CardDAV-Sync Free Beta to permit synchronization. After finishing, go to access your contacts setting, or the downloaded apps, then use as the contacts server. Choose “use SSL” use your iCloud email as the username and iCloud password as the password.

If you don’t want to use the above method, and still want to view the photos on Android, no problem, you will find the answer from the following content.

To Transfer iCloud photos to Android. Many users have the questions above, here we provide the easy and safe method for you to  transfer iCloud photos to Samsung with the Samsung Transfer software. The tool also allow you to moving contacts, calendars, SMS from iCloud to Samsung. It is useful for individuals who are have large files to transfer. 

Free Trail Version for downloading:

download win  download mac

Steps to Transfer iCloud Photos to Samsung Galaxy S7 

What you need: iPhone, Samsung Phone, USB cable, a computer, Samsung Transfer tool

Step 1: Download Samsung Transfer from the official website and install on the computer. When finishing, launch the software. You can download the free trail version to have a try first. 

Step 2: Start the software from the PC by double-clicking the icon. You will see the main interface as below, choose "Restore from Backup” option to move on.
 samsung transfer
Step 3: Samsung Transfer opens a sub-window where you have to choose “iCloud” from the different choice that the window displays. And then insert Account and password to the blank on the left side.
 samsung icloud
Step 4: In this step, use USB cable to connect your Samsung to the computer. Wait for a while for software to recognize the Samsung phone. You can then log in to your iCloud account. Ensure that you do not disconnect the phone during the entire period. Removing it during the process corrupts the files on the phone and may even hang the phone.  
Note: Make your Phone power is enough to hold the whole process.
 connect samsung to pc
Step 5: Select the iCould photos that you wish to transfer to your Samsung phone. The process will take some time to complete. Do not remove the phone before the process. 

photos icloud to samsung
Step 6: Click on “Start Copy” to begin the process. 

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