Guide to Transfer Photos from Samsung to iPhone/iPad

--Rachel Green Feb. 6, 2017

To transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone, you may have heard this way: login your Google account on Samsung Smartphone first, and sync the photos files to Gmail; then you copy them to iPhone in Settings. but, today, I’d like to show you another direct and fast way, that is, using Phone Transfer tool you to help you finish the transfer process.

Phone Transfer, is a outstanding software, which enable you to move files from one Samsung to iPhone, or transfer photos to iPad. In the article, we will show you how to transfer photos to iPhone /iPad from Samsung Galaxy by using this program. You can be at ease, because this tool is safe and helpful.

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Below icons for free trail version download:

download win  download mac

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to iPhone/iPad

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer
Step 2. Connect Samsung and iPhone/iPad to PC via USB cable
Step 3. Choose Samsung Photos for Copying to iPhone

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer

After finishing the download and installation of this software to PC, you can start it, and an interface which has four modes will pop up to you in the computer. Choose the “Phone to Phone Transfer” option to move on.
start phone transfer

Step 2. Connect Samsung and iPhone/iPad to PC via USB cable

This step is very easy, you just need to use USB cable and then connect both the Samsung and iPhone/iPad to PC. But please. Just plug one end of the cord into the USB port of the computer and the other into the dock connector of the mobiles. First do it with Samsung and then iPhone, so that the former device can be detected as a "Source Phone".

connect to pc
Note: If you forgot to do it in this order, you can press the button "Flip" icon to exchange the places.

Step 3. Choose Samsung Photos for Copying to iPhone

After connection step, you can check the middle of the pop-up window, and find the files type list. If the words are grey, it means that file haven’t exist in your Samsung phone. Now, tick "Photos" option and click "Start Copy". And don’t forget to "OK". (It is optional to clear the "Destination Phone". But, remember to do an iPhone backup before you decide to do this.)

transfer photos

With above steps, you can at ease to transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy Smartphone to iPhone or iPad. Actually, you can use it to transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone as well. Wanna to try these programs? Come and download the free trail version first. And if you like this little tips, you may spread the word by clicking the social media icons.


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