How to Rest LG Phone When Locked Out?

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“My LG phone lock me out and asked for Email and pass-code. Unluckily, I don’t have that info. Either. I heard that factory resetting can help me to unlock the password. But It will cause data loss. I will use this method if there is no more better solution. Please, anyone can tell me how to reset LG phone?”

We got an Email from phone users, and provide the solutions as below, we want to share this post to others if needed.

Solution 1: How to Hard Reset LG Phone When Locked Out
Solution 2: Reset LG phone from Settings Menu
Solution 3: Lock Out LG Phone with Android Lock Screen Removal

Solution 1: How to Hard Reset LG Phone When Locked Out

If perform a hard resetting to your LG, you will lost the data like photos, videos, music etc. Which stored to your phone memory. It is important to do backup regularly to your precious data in daily life. See how to bakcup LG.

1. Turn the LG phone off.
2. Press and hold the following keys at the same time: Volume Down Key  + Power/Lock Key  on the back of the phone.
3. Release the Power/Lock Key  only when the LG logo is displayed, then immediately press and hold the Power/Lock Key  again.
4. Release all keys when the Factory hard reset screen is displayed.
5. Press the Power/Lock Key to continue or either of the Volume Keys to cancel.

6.Press the Power/Lock Key once more to confirm or either of the Volume Keys  to cancel.

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Solution 2: Reset LG phone from Settings Menu

If you are using your phone, just can remember what your password is. In this way, you can factory reset lg with Setting Menu. This method is also helpful in case your phone has crashed, or any of the installed apps freeze/hang, making your device non-functional. Noted that remember your files before reset.

Let’s follow the steps as below:

1. Go to Apps from Home Screen
2. Then click on Settings
3. Tap Backup and reset option.
4. Choose reset phone
5. Confirm by clicking OK.
This is a quick and easy method to reset your phone without losing personal saved data.

how to factory reset lg tmobile phone

Solution 3: Lock Out LG Phone with Android Lock Screen Removal

Android Lock Screen Removal is a tool for people to unlock/remove the screen lock without data loss. Just need a few steps, you can solve this issue well. Come and have a see how it works. You can also download the free trail version and try first!

Step 1: Download and install this software from RenewAndroid to your computer. Then launch it, in the primary interface, choose "Android Lock Screen Removal".
lg hard reset code

Step 2: Connect your LG phone to the computer with USB cable and click "Start" button to begin password removal process. See: How to Enable USB Debugging on Android

factory reset lg optimus

Step 3: Make your LG Phone in Download Mode. Follow the steps:
1.power off the phone
2.Press and hold volume down, home button and power button at the same time. 
3.Press the volume up to enter download mode.
how to factory reset lg

Step 4: Download Recovery Package. The program will download corresponding package. You can see the whole download progress on the screen. This will take a few minutes. Please don't disconnect the phone during this step.
how to reset lg phone

Step 5: This software will flash the recovery image to LG after the downloading is completed. It will need a few minutes to finish this process. After finishing, you will get a messages with  "Remove password completed".  It means that your lock password/pattern/pin/finger has been removed successfully. What’s more, there is no any data loss occur. Just be happy to use your LG phone again!

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