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How Can I Root LG G5 on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow With One Click?

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How Can I root my LG G5?” We got many questions like this from LG users. It is no doubt that rooting can help your LG G5 device born with a new life. That is, you can run your Android device as an Superuser, and you can install more interesting apps that restricted by your carrier, install Custom ROMs just like CyanogenMod, access limited features like PhotoSphere, last battery life and do something to color your LG device. 

The advantage of rooting seems very attractive, while as we know, attractive things also means more risks, such as, you may get data loss, void of the warranty etc. After rooting LG. So it is very necessary to get ready before doing LG G5 root

root lg g5

Backup Phone Data and Choose the Perfect Rooting Tool Before LG G5 Root

To root G5, protecting the data is needed, you can use a reliable tool, such as Android Manger, to backup your LG phone data to PC.

To root LG G 5, the most critical thing is to choose the safety and easy-to-use LG one click root tool, such as, Android Root, with it, you can do the rooting with one click. Actually, you can also use it to root other model phone of Android, like LG G4 root.

LG G5 Root Program for Free Try

g5 root tool lg root software for mac

Steps to Root LG G5 with Android Root
How to Root LG G5 With iRoot

Steps to Root LG G5 with Android Root

Step 1: Download LG Rooting Software on your PC and Launch

After the software is launched, click on “More Tools” on the left column of your screen and select the Android Root from the selections shown.
how to root lg g5

Step 2: Connect Your LG G5 Phone to PC for Rooting

With a proper USB cable, you can connect your LG to PC. And It is vital to check whether USB debugging mode is enabled. To enable USB debugging, you can go to “Developer Options” and if it is already enabled, Android Root will identify and connect the Android phone automatically.
lg g5 root verizon

After the phone is triumphantly connected to the PC, LG G 5 rooting tool will detect the android device automatically and find a good solution to root your device. Now click on the start button to continue.

Step 3: Start LG G5 Root with One Click

After G5 Root program has detected the device, the LG device will be ready for rooting. You can now start the LG G5 root by clicking on “Root Now” button. The rest thing is to wait for the finishing.
It will take a while, during this process of rooting, the android device will give a pop up message to confirm whether you would like proceed with the process of rooting. Click on confirm and it’s done. The tool will take few minutes before it completes the process of rooting.
lg one click root

How to Root LG G5 With iRoot

Maybe you prefer to root G5 verizon without using computer and USB cable connection. You can try iRoot. This tool is also a reliable one for your to root Android device. It contain two version, one is root with PC, the other is Android version. You can download Android version iRoot to your LG phone and root it with single click without PC.

Before Rooting:
Make sure your LG is up to 85% battery for making the rooting process successfully.
Get a good condition of Wi-Fi or network 
check the “Unknown sources” on your LG G5, which allows you to install iRoot apk file smoothly.

After that, download and install it to your G5, and open iRoot logo on G5 phone and tab on the instruction button of “Get Root access”. iRoot is now trying to root your LG G5 6.0.1 Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T mobile right now. If your LG mobile is rooted successfully, it will reboot automatically. 

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