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Awesome Solutions to Root Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Devices

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Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, it is the 6th major version of Android OS, which officially released in October 2015, primarily focuses on improving the overall user experience of previous Lollipop. Many Android devices have already updated its OS to Marshmallow, and more and more new Android devices are using Android 6.0.1 nowadays. So the question about how to root Android 6.0.1 springs up more. Here we will instruct you to root Android 6.0.1 phones with several methods.

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Note: If you don’t want to take risks of losing data during the rooting process, to do data backup to your phone is the best choice.

How to Root Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Android Root
How to Root Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Firmware via CF-Auto-Root
How to Root Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with SuperSU
How to Root Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow by Using Towel Root
How to Root Android 6.0.1 without PC through FramaRoot?

Solution 1: How to Root Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Android Root

Android Root is also a one click root software for rooting Android 6.0.1. It is known as highest success rate in the market and supports most of the Android devices(about 7000+models). No matter you want to root Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, LG, Google, Oppo and more, this one is highly recommended!

You can download and try the free trail version first.

root software for android 6.0.1 

Step 1: Download and Launch Android Root

After finishing the installation of Android Root to PC, double click to launch it, and you will see the primary interface as below. 
download tunego to root 6.0.1

Step 2: Connect Android Marshmallow Phone to PC

Using an USB cable and link your Android to PC, if success, you will see the interface as below. If need enable USB debugging, follow this guide How to Enable USB Debugging on Android(Good & Broken Screen).
how to root android 6.0.1

When your phone is well connected to the computer, Android Root will detected the android device automatically. Now it is time to root your Android 6.0.1 device. Keep reading and follow the steps.

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Step 3: Start to Root Android 6.0.1  

After this root software for Android 6.0.1 has detected the device, your device will be ready for rooting. Click "Root Now" and start the 6.0.1 rooting process.

root software for android 6.0.1

It need some time to get rooting process done, please be patient and don't disconnect the phone during this time. When your Android Marshmallow phone hasn't been successfully rooted, you will get the Window as below. Congratulations!

ready to root 6.0.1?

Have you found your suitable rooting method to Android 6.0.1 after checking the content above?  Because rooting is such a important thing to your phone, it's better to choose a safe and highly success rate and time-saving solution. Such as, solution 5, use Android Root software to help you finish the Android 6.0.1 rooted. What’s your opinions?

Get the full version by clicking the icon as below:

download win

Solution 2: How to Root Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Firmware via CF-Auto-Root

CF-Auto-Root is a very useful root tool for Android, especially for SAMSUNG devices. Including  Galaxy S1, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3 etc.
Before rooting, make sure that the bootloaders is unlock. Because locked bootloaders may cause a brick device when rooting. It should also be noted that unlocking your bootloader and rooting your device will likely void your manufacturers warranty. Also it is important to back up your phone memory before proceeding with any of the steps just in case.

1. Download CF-Auto-Root and ODIN first(ODIN is the ROM Flashing tool). Download the extract files which matches to your Phone.
3.Connect Android device to PC via an USB cable, if need USB debugging, follow this guide: USB debugging on difference Android version.
4. After well connect, it is time to enter "Download mode" on your phone, you can hold volume up&down& at the same time.
5.Click on the script file from CF-Auto-Root directory which matches your desktop OS

6.Then waiting for the finish

cf auto root for 6.0.1

Solution 3: How to Root Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with SuperSU 

Before Starting:

Make sure you phone have installed TWRP installed. Install USB Drivers to PC for detecting the phone device and transferring the SuperSU file. Get Android 6.0.1 phone fully charge.

1.Download the SuperSU package  by click here.
2.Move the zip files to your Android internal storage and store it to the place you can easily find.
3.Reboot into Custom Recovery (like TWRP): turn off the phone, then press&hold volume down and power together at the same time.
4.It is recommended to backup your ROM, just tap on backup option in TWRP and choose partition(Data, System, Root, Recovery, EFS), then backup by right swiping.
5.Back to TWRP home screen and tap on Wipe and factory reset it by swiping the confirmation option at the bottom.
6. Turn to TWRP main menu and tap on the install option. Navigate to the SuperSU file and select it.
7. Swipe the confirmation button to proceed with the installation.
8. Once installed, reboot to system. Then you can enjoy the rooting advantages.

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Solution 4: How to Root Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow by Using Towel Root

Towel Root is a one click root for rooting Android 6.0.1 without using PC, it is designed for most of HTC devices(including HTC One M7) and Samsung S5. If your phone is HTC, you can try this root tool.

Steps to Root:
1. Don't forget to backup of your android device for protecting the precious files.
2. Click to download Towel Root.
3. After downloading the APK of Towel Root,and install it to your android phone.
Note:Make sure that you have allowed unknown sources in Settings.
4. Open Towel Root and click on "Make it Rain".

Towel Root

Solution 5: How to Root Android 6.0.1 without PC through FramaRoot?

FramaRoot is also the app for helping Android users to root their phones without PC/Computer. What’s more, this app has rooted thousands of devices which support its exploits.

1. Download Framaroot from here: FramaRoot 
2. Install APK on your android phone and Open Framaroot from app drawer now.
3. Click on Boromir and Wait until It does not show Su Installed successfully.
Root marshmallow

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