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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T1

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“Hey guys, I got a samsung galaxy core prime SM-G360T1, and I need to root it. I searched and saw many root methods, but not for this model. I want a safe and easy way about how to root sm-g360t1. Can anyone help me out of this issue?”

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, which was public in 2014, as one of Samsung’s mid range devices, offers users the wonderful experience and amazing TouchWiz features. Even though the hardware performance was not so outstanding, it acts well when comparing to other mid range phones launched in 2014. 

This post will guide you to root sm-g360t1 in details with easy and safe way. We will show you how to root it with one click rooting software-Android Root. And also let you know the preparations for rooting this model first. OK, let’s go on.

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Preparations for Rooting Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T1
How to Root Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T1 with Android Root

Preparations for Rooting Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T1

Before you begin rooting Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T1, you must know that rooting can prove to be an adventurous business. So we recommend that you do these things before rooting a cell phone and prevent some risks, make good preparation for it.

Backup SM-G360T1 files:
If this is the first time you try to take root, you need to be more careful. If you need to clean the phone, the backup can help you get back everything you need.

Enough battery: Since rooting take time and will drain out the battery faster, so it is necessary to gain enough battery level, at least 80% to ensure the rooting process will not be stopped by this issue.

Install Necessary Drivers: Download and install needed drivers on your computer for SM-G360T1. What’s more, you need to enable USB debugging on the device.

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T1 with Android Root

Android Root is the highly success rate rooting software in the industry. With it, you can root your Samsung phone with no hassle. It has help many Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T1 users to gain successfully root. Now follow the steps as below and root the phone.

Free trail version is offered.

Step 1: You need a PC, and have Android Root downloaded and installed to it. On your PC, launch the software by double clicking. In the main interface, choose “Root” option to go ahead.
android root for win
You will get the Window as below for asking you to connect your phone to computer. Just use a suitable USB cable and link to it. If haven’t enable USB debugging, just follow the guide on the software and do it.
connect  galaxy core prime to pc

Step 2: Detect Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T1. Detection is needed to get ready for rooting process. Just click click on “Start” on the program after well connection. Then it will start to detect your Samsung, it may take a few minutes. Be patient and wait for the finish.

detect sm-g360t1

Step 3: After detection, it is time to start rooting process. you can easily start the rooting process by clicking “Root Now” button. 
ready to root
Now the only thing you need to do is waiting for the rooting finishing. During the period, don’t disconnect anything. It will take about several minutes or longer, just be patient. 

root complete


Rooting can be very easy if choosing the right way. Android Root software is your best friend for rooting Android phone, including your galaxy core prime device. It is also critical to prepare well before rooting, and it will help you root sm-g360t1 with no hassle. 

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