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Root Galaxy Note 4 sm-n910a AT&T on 5.1.1 Lollipop

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Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910A, is a powerful multitasking device, which has a 5.7" Super AMOLED display with a quad HD 2560 x 1440 resolution and Snapdragon 805 chipset. Besides, you can use its 3.7MP f/1.9 front camera to take high-quality selfies. The rear camera also features high-resolution 2160p (4K) recording. Give you the a great experience to capture pictures.

However, do you know that this device can be rooted to extent more potential features. After rooting galaxy note 4 at&t, you can install the awesome root only apps, access and modify system files, custom ROMs and so on. Let’s get to learn how to root note 4 at&t on Lollipop.

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Preparations for Rooting your Note 4 AT&T sm-n910a
How to Root Galaxy Note 4 AT&T sm-n910a with Android Root

Preparations for Rooting your Note 4 AT&T sm-n910a

Well begun is half done. It is important to get ready before rooting at&t note 4. The following you will see some suggestions before you take root SM-G900V.

Backup Note 4 SM-N910A: This is the important thing to do. Backup your data for your device to avoid data loss. No one can 100% secure that the rooting process is safe. We should do all we can to prepare well before rooting.

Enough Battery Power: The rooting process will take several minutes, and the battery will consume more quickly during the rooting process. Therefore, before root note 4 at&t, be sure to keep the battery at least 80% charged. Actually, 100% of the battery charged will be better.

Install Necessary Drivers: Before rooting, please download and install needed drivers on your computer for Note 4 SM-N910A. What’s more, you need to enable USB debugging on the device.

After finish the above preparatory steps for rooting Samsung note 4, let’s now get down to the steps of at&t note 4 root.

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How to Root Galaxy Note 4 AT&T sm-n910a with Android Root    

With Android Root, you can smoothly root your Note 4 phone on Lollipop with no hassle. Yes, it is also a one click rooting software. Very simple and safe. Why not have a try? You can download the free trail version from below.

Step 1: Download and Install Android to PC, on PC, run this program by double clicking and then choose “Root” option from the interface.

android root

After the above operations, you will get in to the interface as below. Now it is time to connect your galaxy note 4 at&t to computer with USB cable. Then enable the USB debugging.

connect to pc

Step 2: Detect Galaxy Note 4 AT&T sm-n910a

After well connection, click on “Start” on the program. And it will start to detect your connected Note 4 phone. This process of detecting the device will take few minutes and dr.fone will find a way to root the Android device.

detect the phone

Step 3: After detection, the software is ready to root your Galaxy Note 4 sm-n910a AT&T , you can easily start the rooting process by clicking “Root Now” button. 

root ready for note 4

If you get some messages on the Samsung device asking if you would like to root the device. Choose “Confirm” to turn to the process of rooting the device. Next, be patient and waiting for the rooting complete. It will take a few minutes usually. Please don’t disconnect the phone during this process. And you will find the below screen when it is done.

note 4 root complete


Android root is the easiest and the best way to root your device, because the entire interface is self-explanatory and easy to use. In addition, it is 100% safe and occupies the industry's highest success rate in rooting. Besides Samsung devices, you can also apply it to other Android devices. Like LG, Motorola and Sony. We will also offer technical support for you, don’t worry and just use it to finish your root item.

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